Carnie Wilson Signs On To Reality Show

Carnie Wilson is the latest famous mom to take her personal life to prime time. The 41-year-old singer, who is mom to girls Lola, 4, and Luciana, 4 months, has confirmed that she will be starring in her own reality show on the Game Show Network.

Carnie Wilson: Unstapled will focus on her “life as a mother, her struggle to lose 50 pounds of baby weight after giving birth to second daughter, Lucy, in June, and her budding baking career.” Carnie’s been working on a line of desserts for Melissa Joan Hart’s LA store, SweetHarts.

Though the show is unlike anything else in the network’s line-up, GSN Senior VP Kelly Goode says that their audience is already loyal to Carnie, who hosts The Newlywed Game: “Carnie is incredibly funny and earthy…. She’s a personality the viewers have fallen in love with.”

Will you be watching Carnie Wilson: Unstapled?

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“Will you be watching Carnie Wilson: Unstapled?”

Will I be watching Carnie Wilson attempt to lose an excessive amount of weight for the umpteenth time? No and I think she should focus on her family instead of always trying to put herself in the spotlight like this.


Working on a line of desserts and trying to lose 50 pounds is probably not the best idea for her!


I thought gastric bypass surgery was supposed to make you thinner? Okay she had a baby but I just don’t know how successful she willl be with this new endeavour in terms of keeping the weight off since gastric bypass seemed a drastic measure and the final hope. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and accept life as a plus sized person.

Rachel Pennington

I may watch the show to see everything that will take place. She is someone who many of us love because of her personality and actually I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next. SAUCE


I used to watch her on the Newlywed Game, but got fed up with it because she loves for her contestants to be vulgar and eggs it on. Then to top it off she had married homo sexuals on there, male, who actually kissed and it turned me sour on her show. I will not watch her anymore.