Happy 6th Birthday Deacon Reese Phillippe!

Name: Deacon Reese Phillippe

Date of Birth: October 23, 2003

Parents: Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe

Siblings: Ava Elizabeth (09/99)

– Deacon has a vietnamese pig as a pet called Booker T. Washington
– He is named after a distant relative of Ryan’s, a Pittsburgh pitcher, whose nickname is Deacon
– Dad Ryan taught him to crawl by putting the TV remote in front of him and saying, “Come on Deacon!”

Quote from Parent:
“Then I said, ‘Deacon, what do you think the movie is about? Friendship? Being an outsider?’ He said, ‘I think it’s about… I think it’s about when octopus aliens come to your planet you got to make sure you kill them.'” – Reese, on Deacon’s response when asked about Legally Blonde.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. kit kat

    sorry, wasn’t that deacon’s response to “Monsters vs. Aliens”, not “Legally Blonde”?

  2. Solène

    This little boy is so cute, and hilarious too apparently!

  3. lola

    I love that bag that Reese is carrying. It looks big enough to fit a lot of things and I love that it has her son’s name on it. Does anyone know who makes them??

  4. Amanda

    Wait so he has a girls middle name and its his moms first name? Why? Isn’t the boys name Reece spelled with a C not an S. Why wouldn’t they give him a name that isn’t his mom’s first name?

  5. Anonymous

    Reese is a last name somewhere in her family. Her actual name is Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon, so she carried on the last name and Deacon does now too.

  6. Anonymous

    Amanda, I think Reese is spelled many different ways (Rhys is another way too) and I don’t think any of them are gender specific.

  7. Sophia

    Happy Birthday Deacon!
    Like kit kat said, the quote was actually in reference to Monsters vs. Aliens, not Legally Blonde. You can kind of tell given the mention of octopus aliens…

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