Madonna & Guy Ritchie’s Kabbalah Kids

Madonna reunited with ex-husband Guy Ritchie at the Kabbalah Center in London, England with her children Lourdes, 13, and Mercy, 3, and their 9-year-old son Rocco on Saturday (October 24). Madonna and Guy’s 4-year-old son David was not spotted with the group.

The Queen of Pop recently commented on her divorce from Guy last year:

What can you say? It was a challenging year. I think work saved me, and I’m very grateful that I had work to do. I may have thrown myself off a building. Life is an adjustment. It’s different. My sons aren’t with me right now, they’re with their father, and I’m not very comfortable with the idea of my children not living together. There are pros and cons, but I feel good now.”

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  1. Anonymous

    David, who is wearing white pants, is standing right behind Guy. Rocco really hates the paparazzi, he’s always running away from them.

  2. Anonymous

    Unhappy-looking kids. Noteworthy that Madonna always keeps the herd of nannies out of sight whenever she plans a photo op.

  3. Anonymous

    Taking her children to weekly religious services is a photo op? The nanny was right there with them, so there goes your theory. And the kids are not happy because there are a pack of paps snapping away only a few feet away from them, do you expect them to smile at them while the kids’ names get yelled out? How ridiculous. Your comment is so obvious.

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