Gisele Bündchen: Glowing & Growing

Expectant mom Gisele Bündchen was aglow today as she was spotted walking through New York’s West Village (October 26). The supermodel mom-to-be was on her way to the Blue Ribbon eatery for lunch. She looks gorgeous!

Gisele, 29, is expecting her first baby with her quarterback hubby Tom Brady in December.

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  1. c

    Yes, she is gorgeous, but I think that she is frighteningly skinny for being that far along… I imagine that if you could look at her bare belly, you would see arms and legs clearly visible and moving under her skin! Ick.

    Hopefully it’s just an illusion created by the photo and by her being so tall, and that she is actually gaining a healthy amount of weight. I have never been a supermodel myself, but it seems that ultra-thin model types of women would be prone to “pregorexia.”

  2. Leya

    That is amazing. She does not even look pregnant. If I hadn’t seen a picture of her where her belly is much more visible I would not even belive that she is expecting. Anyway, it is incredible that she is actually 7 months along.

  3. lexi

    tom said she could pretty much eat whatever she wants, and he keeps having to go get her ice cream i think she looks like a good size she is naturally tall and thin and she is very blessed and she does have a very visible sized bump and looks gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous

    Gorgeous woman and gorgeous husband = gorgeous baby!

    • Anonymous

      Hmn, not always. Sorry genetics are tricky. I have seen 2 toitally average people with stunning kids and 2 gorgeous parents with awkward/plain offspring. Totally a lottery. That said these 2 together will raise the probability of a cute kid. She looks good here.

  5. anne

    “Glowing”??? I guess you had to be there . . . .

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