Story Elfman Is Honing His Big Brother Skills

Two-year-old Story Elias is already on his way to being an excellent big brother.

Proud mom Jenna Elfman, who is expecting her second baby in the spring, tells E!, “I’m not sure if he gets the whole boy or girl thing exactly, but ‘baby’ he gets. He’s awesome. He gives my tummy a kiss and gives it a bottle and puts the blankey over my tummy and goes, ‘Baby, night-night.'” So sweet!

As for the mom-to-be, she says she’s just happy to be out of the first trimester.

“I was massively tired and had nausea and I didn’t have any of that during my first pregnancy. I was filming the show with insomnia and nausea and then going home to a 2-year-old who’s very active. It was a bit daunting. But I’m past the first three months now and I feel like my head is screwed on better.”

Jenna, 38, is currently playing pregnant on TV as well in the new CBS sitcom, Accidentally on Purpose.

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