Peter Andre’s Pumpkin Eaters

Peter Andre and his children, Junior, 4, and Princess Tiaamii, 2, were spotted shopping for pumpkins in Brighton, UK on Tuesday (October 27). The kids’ mom is Peter’s ex-wife Katie Price.

The war of words continues between Katie and Peter. The 31-year-old best-selling author just accused Peter of having an affair with her bridesmaid, Michelle Clack: “One of my friends chose not to see me any more after me and Peter split.” Katie adds, “I was really upset at the time and now I hear she’s seeing Pete. If that’s the case then his girlfriend is one of my ex-friends, which I predicted would happen. I hope he does have a girlfriend and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s her.”

A spokesman for Andre denied the claims: “Peter is categorically not seeing anyone, especially not Michelle.”

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  1. Anonymous

    old katy should slow down whats up with her making a right name for herself looks like she trying to match uricka johnson or jone colins easy lay and no matter who with as long as the cameras keep rolling it does mot mattershe has a body of a 60 year old and she isonly 31 slow down katie

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