Shakira: My Body Is Asking To Reproduce

Singing sensation Shakira says she’s ready for children. The 32-year-old She Wolf singer graces the latest cover of Rolling Stone and says she’s been having a “physical calling” to make room for little she wolves.

My body feels like it is asking to reproduce, to have a huge belly and carry babies.”

Famous for her hips (that don’t lie), the Colombian beauty has been in a nine-year relationship with investment banker Antonio de la Rúa. But don’t expect the sound of wedding bells for this hopeful-mom-to-be any day soon.

We live in a society that represses women’s subconscious dreams,” Shakira, who considers herself a feminist, says. “You know, women have to make enormous efforts through life, much larger than men. We deal with so many pressure: the pressure of aesthetics, and how society wants us to deliver our performances as mothers, daughters and wives.” The 4th richest woman in music adds, “It’s funny how the papers want to see you married, and then they want to see you divorced. Well, I won’t do any of it.”

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Photo credit: Rolling Stone

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