Jude Law’s Big City Bunch

Actor Jude Law had a lunch date today (October 29) in New York with his sons Rafferty, 13, and Rudy, 7, and daughter Iris, 9. Gorgeous kids!

Rumor has it that the Alfie star has rekindled a romance with his former fiancee Sienna Miller. The pair, both of whom are starring on Broadway at the moment, have apparently been secretly seeing one another again.

“They’re desperate to keep their hook-ups secret because their break-up was so public,” says a source. “They don’t want any potential reconciliation all over the papers, especially with Jude having just father a child with another woman.”

Jude recently became a father for the fourth time when his ex Samantha Burke welcomed daughter Sophia. Sienna was last linked to Brothers & Sisters actor Balthazar Getty.

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Photo credit: StClair/Macpherson/Splash News

  • melanie1983

    can’t stand him…but he has some gorgeous children!

  • sheryl

    Love Jude! Saw him in Hamlet 2 weeks ago, and he was awesome! Great show! I’m trying to work it out to get back to NYC before 12/6 to see it again. The kids are soooo adorable!
    *blows kisses at Jude*

  • sheryl

    Oh, and the “Jude Sienna reuniting” rumor has been denied. They are only friends and had lunch.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting how he’s been seen all over NYC with his kids since it came out that he hadn’t bothered to visit the new one. Barely ever saw these kids and now they’re out everyday proving what a good father Jude is. Fairly transparent; gotta wonder if the kids sat in on Jude’s meeting with his PR guy.

  • milla

    ugh i dislike jude soooo much!

  • Anonymous

    Obviously the paparazzi are following Jude 1000x more now that all this crap is going on about him. Just because we don’t see pictures of him every single day doesn’t mean he doesn’t see them.

  • fantasyk87

    omg..his kids are really alike, all of thre! they’re really beautiful awwwwwwwwww

  • anne

    Can’t help it … love both Jude and Sienna. Yes, they’ve often been jackasses in their sundry relationships, but . . . Otherwise … Each of them is sooo intelligent and articulate (wonderfully fizzy brains), pretty self-aware and honest about themselves, and possessed of terrific joie de vivre, I can’t help but like them. (In defense of Jude: by all reputable accounts he’s been a good dad to these three, and his Hamlet is indeed awesome!)

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