The Federline Brothers Are Halloween Happy

So sweet! Kevin Federline took his two adorable boys, Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3, to the Pierce College Pumpkin Patch in Canoga Park, Calif. on Thursday (October 29). Sean and Jayden were all smiles on the miniature train ride and carousel. Before picking out their perfect pumpkins with daddy, the brothers had a great time climbing the mountain stacks of hay.

We just saw the boys with mama Britney Spears going to the movies. The 27-year-old Womanizer singer is about to start up her “Circus” tour again next week. The pop star is due to hit the stage in Perth, Australia on November 6.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Ang

    They are so cute. Jayden looks just like Kevin and Sean looks just like Brit. They look like they are having a great time!!!

  2. Nadia

    They are adorable! What great photos!

  3. Anonymous

    Thats so cute! In that first picture I see Britney in both of them although usually I think Sean looks like Kevin.

  4. Anonymous

    both boys are adorable! havn’t seen Jayden so happy in a while.
    Preston is all smiling, he’s such a cutie! can’t believe he’s already 4!
    love them <3

    take a look at , a special site about them!

  5. bree

    Sean looks a lot like his big brother Kaleb to me. Cute boys and the first pic is adorable.

  6. melanie1983

    if brit brit was still bald, i would NOT be able to tell her and jayden apart!!

  7. Anonymous

    They are cute! Hope Kevin doesn’t have them walking around in broken glass & cig butts at home.

  8. Lioness

    Cute pics of the boys- Preston looks like a mix of his parents (though more like Kevin, for sure), and Jayden is all Britney. I wish they would show more pics of Kevin’s other two kids, Kori and Kaleb, we never see them. Great pics, though!

  9. Anonymous

    Gorgeous little boys thats for sure. I think Sean Preston is Kevin’s mini me and Jayden is Brit’s. Beautiful happy children. We were all a little worried for a time so it’s so good to see them happy. Like someone said Kevin’s other children are adorable also. He is a very lucky guy. We all have some redeeming qualities that are reflected in our children.

  10. What the....

    You can say what you want about Britney but you can never say her boys aren’t cute because they certainly are…

  11. Giuliana

    That pics of both of them together posing for the pic is such amazing! It shows how they love each other. Such cute brothers!

  12. xosamarie

    they are so cute! they’re going to be very good looking when they’re older, haha. i can only imagine what they’ll be like when they’re teens or in their 20’s!

  13. Anonymous

    Is it me or do they always look happier with Kevin?

  14. chrissy

    They are so cute, thank god they both look like Britney.

    This is honestly the first time I have ever even seen an article with there last name, they are usually just called Sean Preston and Jayden James..britney honestly should have just given them her last name

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