Milla Jovovich: Parents Need To Take Responsibility For What Kids Watch

Currently reprising her role as Alice in the sci-fi thriller, Resident Evil: Afterlife, model mom Milla Jovovich knows a thing or two about Hollywood violence. The 33-year-old actress chatted to Parade magazine about how her life has changed since the birth of her gorgeous daughter Ever Gabo, who turns 2 tomorrow, and why she thinks parents need to take more responsibility for what their kids see in theaters and video games.

On how motherhood has changed her: “Before you have kids, you create so many problems that are centered in yourself. You’re thinking, Am I ready for this audition? Am I good enough? Now that I have a kid, it’s not such a big deal. Even if I don’t get the job, I know I’m going to be really busy at home. Being a mother to my daughter, Ever, is a full-time job. Now it’s all about my baby, her growing up well and getting everything she needs. Everything else is just a plus.”

On her advice to parents: “You’ve got to know your kids like the back of your hand and make sure they’re honest with you and not scared to tell you things. I know when Ever goes to school I’ll be letting my little bird go, but I just want to make sure she tells me everything that happened, good or bad.”

On Hollywood violence: “I think parents need to take a lot more responsibility than they do about whether it’s OK for their children to go to Resident Evil or any other movie with violence or sex or whatever. It’s really easy to blame Hollywood for violence having an effect on kids, but movies would have no power if parents would just set their own standards. And it’s the same with video games.”

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  • Jack

    Love her so much!

  • Theresa

    I find it funny how she is giving parenting advice with a 2 year old…I’ll consider reading when she’s had a bit more experience…it’s easy to say how you will be with your kids…when your not in the situation…LOL!

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