Celebrity Guest Blogger: Gena Lee Nolin

In her second entry, Baywatch star Gena Lee Nolin addresses some of your comments from her first celebrity guest blog. This busy mom of four continues to share her own experience of postpartum depression after all three of her pregnancies, even stating that overcoming PPD was “one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

Please leave questions for Gena’s next blog in the comments.

Hello M’s & D’s ~
I had such a great time writing my first blog, I’m eagerly at it again! Bear with me, as I want to answer some of the questions you had posted regarding PPD, stay at home dad’s, etc..

I want you to know getting over PPD was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I call it the real success of my life, because at the time I was in such a horrible state, that I seriously didn’t know how to live or feel. It was impossible for me to do anything without getting the proper help I needed, which is why I’m saying — Get help! The best advice I can give and something I personally did was call my OBGYN. They will point you in the right direction and most likely have you come in to discuss medications or other directions you may want to take. This is a serious illness, so please for you, your loved ones & me… Reach out!

I loved the daddy who wrote in about being a stay at home dad. Hats off to you for taking in stride your situation. Your wife is making the money right now and what’s wrong with that? Nothing! If anything, feel blessed that one of you have a lucrative pay check coming in, many don’t right now! I’m seeing more and more daddies at the parks, pediatricians, grocery stores and Kindermusik classes — cute one’s too! 🙂 I enjoy the role reversal and the beautiful nurturing side you men have! Remember, puppies and babies are chick magnets, that’s one fun perk you boys get!

On a personal note, this week was busy for me! My husband took the kids, while I went back to Los Angeles, which is becoming more frequent with work. I have co-created and am executive producing two mommy based shows. The one I adore and wholeheartedly believe in, is a feel good show that brings women & families joy, especially in these hard times. Cross your fingers and you’ll be the first to hear if we get close to production.

The PPD book is coming along, as I’ve said before its hard rehashing scenarios, but I feel so positive the outcome it will bring. Some stories are so nuts, it makes me belly laugh reading them back.. Yes, PPD stories can make you laugh!

To wrap up, I want to share some exciting news: we got an English bulldog puppy we named Ruby Tuesday! I’ll post a picture soon. She’s so sweet and has been great with the kids, we couldn’t ask for more..The puppy breathe is pretty great too!

Keep posting — I love hearing from you and more importantly, I love sharing!

Be well & keep drinking “Youth Juice” – it will bring you energy & health!

xo, Gena Lee

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Photo credit: Nolin-Hulse family for exclusive use on CBS

  • Jenny

    I also think it’s important to encourage women who have PPD to reach out for help. Do you know how long it can linger if gone untreated?

  • Diane

    Gena, after reading your first blog and now this, its awesome that you are so open and honest about your experiences. I went through PPD and oddly enough got help from my mother in-law who had had it with her boys. Scary, horrible place to be. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to hear more about your shows.
    What’s youth juice?
    Diane from TX

  • Eileen

    this is fun. i love reading your blogs, can you put more personal pictures up of your family. thanks for being so normal and cool, we need more mom stuff out there, so hope your shows go. we’ll see you in boston, we live in dorchester. yj sounds interesting, we’ll buy some then.

  • Yolanda Brenner

    Gena Lee,
    Thanks for the new blog. Its so nice to see celebs opening up about personal, real emotions rather then what hot outfit they’re wearing. I agree with the stay at home dads, we need to give them more credit. Or what about the moms who have no help because of finances.
    You look better then I remember you looking in your Baywatch days, so keep up the good work and keep writing the blogs. More photos of your family and person life, please!
    Many thanks!
    I do a radio show, I’d love to have you on.

  • Lisa Hefner

    Hey Gena! thanks for the blogs. How did you get in shape? I want to hear about your diet and routine,because you always look. I know you and Cindy Crawford are friends in an interview she gave, you must be mortified at what they’re going through with this photo of their daughter. You went through a similar situation years back with a private tape of your husband and you. I can’t imagine how violated you must all feel when something like this happens. Whoever would do this is scum of the earth and they have blood on their hands for doing such a thing. Come on, a husband and wife, haven’t we all done that or at least thought about it or a fun pix of their daughter??! Its insane what people will do.
    I think you’re amazingly classy, please say hi to Cindy and wish her well, she’s my fav celeb mommy too.
    The best always, Lisa

  • Renee

    Okay, off subject, but true. Its horrible to think people are that sick to explot celebs, especially with children involved. Gena, thanks for the blog and I’d love to hear about about what you’re up to. I like reading the blogs.
    I heard your the new Sketchers girl??? cool.
    Everyone’s done something fun with their husbands too…. your just much more interesting then us. haha we love you!

  • Shelly

    what I really appreciate is that you have always kept a certain classiness about you. I don’t want to say that “other” baywatch girls didn’t! but you have my vote and more importantly your real and seem so down to earth. I feel that way about Jennifer Garner too. From what I’ve read you want to help people with your book and you give great advice, so kudos.
    Also, I would like to ask you how you or will you address your kids about certain topics when they come up.

    Have a great holiday with your family Gena Lee and look forward to your reply.
    Shelly Kinnes

  • Teri Sutton

    I want to know more about how you juggle everything. I can barely get to the grocery store. I had PPD with my son and got the help i needed right away, because it was bad! I remember you on the price is right, I was going to college and watched it almost every single day. a long time ago, but it was the best with Bob, Holly, Janice and you.
    We have 3 english bulldogs please post a picture of Ruby. we have Ike and Tina. I know that’s bad.

  • yleia

    Interesting comments about stay at home dads. whats wrong with the wife making the money? Well I guess the same thing that women have always said is wrong with the husband making the money: inequality, dependence, all the financial burden on just one partner, etc. “puppies and babies are chick magnets.” That just reinforces how maternal women are and suggests that it’s best that they be the ones focusing on the children. As does the “two mommy based shows.” Mommy? Not daddy? Exactly.

  • Janice

    I’m working full time because my husband was laid off recently and its now looking like we may lose our home if we don’t catch up. We’re doing what we can and are barely getting by. we can’t afford day care, meaning my husband’s at home with our 2 and 4 year old until he finds work. Don’t get me wrong, I think its more natural for women to be with the children which is why I love your mommy shows. but you’re on the money with supporting the situation and having an open, funny approach to it is priceless. it made our night. thanks gena
    we live in MA so we’ll get to meet you in Boston. yeah!

  • Anonymous

    Gena, Its great to see you opening up about PPD. When I had babies, even if you felt awkward it was something us young moms didnt talk about. I’m so proud of what your doing for all the new mommys out there! I love you!
    Genas mom Patricia

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