Sarah Jessica Parker Loves The Smell Of Diapers

Sarah Jessica Parker is crazy about her newborns – so much so that she says she even loves the smell of dirty diapers!

The Sex and the City star graces the cover of the December issue of Elle magazine, where she dishes on double diaper duty, among other things.

“I love the smell of diapers; I even like when they’re wet and you smell them all warm like a baked good,” she says.

Sarah Jessica and her husband Matthew Broderick welcomed their twin daughters Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge in June, and the busy mom reveals that big brother James Wilke, 6, lent a hand in picking his new sister’s name.

“He told me he really wanted Marion to be in the mix. We thought, ‘Are we crazy? Do we let our son name one of the girls? Is that the right thing to do? Is it important for him?’ And then he goes, and I want it legal,” she says.

The ultra-chic SJP owns up to a few new mommy fears where her daughters are concerned, confessing, “First of all, I have a fear that they’re not going to like me.”

She jokes that at least the girls will one day be able to raid mom’s closet: “The only tragedy would be if their feet are bigger than mine.”

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  1. Desiree

    Haha, this article totally cracks me up — I can’t wait to read the full interview!

  2. Madchen

    It’s obvious she’s never seen or smelled baked goods — and that’s how she keeps her Hollywood figure.

  3. carolyn

    Madchen – lol!! Yeah, the “baked good” description kind of threw me. 😉

  4. Amanda

    I think its a mom thing, I know Celine Dion told Oprah when her son was born that she loved changing his diapers, especially the dirty diapers. That was her favorite part. I know my brothers girlfriend doesn’t even bat an eye at a dirty diaper when she changes their ten month old daughter. I has to be a mom thing. I thought it was funny, nothing I haven’t heard from a mom before.

  5. Anonymous

    If I’d given my kids names like that, I’d be trying to foist responsibility for it on my 6 year old, too.

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