Paula Patton & Robin Thicke Rejoice After False Alarm

Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton are rejoicing in their pregnancy news, and addressing their publicized false alarm:

It was a baby doll dress, and it was after the holidays. I probably gained a good 10-15 pounds, I don’t know, and suddenly after one picture, I was pregnant,” Paula, 33, tells OK! “What are you going to do? It’s life. I wish it happened. That would’ve been better.”

Their official pregnancy announcement came from Robin’s mother, Gloria Loring, on her Facebook page: “I am going to be Nana Gloria again as my son Robin Thicke & his wife Paula are expecting their first baby!”

The happy couple – who have been together since high school – work at keeping the romance alive.

I take her shopping,” Robin, 32, said. “She loves that. It’s much more romantic than it sounds because there’s lingerie involved, walking down the street holding hands, ice cream. And there’s lots of flowers. She gets me lots of flowers.” Paula adds, “He brings me flowers every time he comes to the set. He can be so thoughtful. He thinks about me, he cares about me, he’s always making sure that I’m in a good place. And we talk a lot. We’re really good at communicating, which is hard to get to. It wasn’t in the beginning, but now he is. We really talk things out, and that’s really the best part. I just know that he has my back, and I have his.”

Paula stars in the new flick Precious, which hits theaters November 6. Robin’s new album, Sex Therapy, will be out December 8.

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  1. ivy

    i dont get it, what was the false alarm? she is pregnant isnt she?

  2. Rachelsun

    She is pregnant for the first time now. Thery are referring to last year all the blogs said she was pregnant last year and when no baby arrived they then started horrble stories about a miscarriage, stillbirth, etc. The truth is this is their First pregnancy and she was not pregnant before. This is poorly written so easy to be confused by this article.

    congratulations to this happy, MARRIED couple.

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