Mel B & Her Mohawk Munchkin

Spice Girl Mel B and her adorable 2 1/2-year-old daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown were spotted in Beverly Hills on Saturday (November 7). Angel continues to sport her funky mohawk. Big sister, 10-year-old Phoenix Chi, was not with the pair.

We just spotted Melanie and her two girls, along with hubby Stephen Belafonte, celebrating Halloween in Malibu.

What do you think about Angel’s mohawk? Love it or leave it?

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Shanypoly101

    I think the Mohawk looks adorable in this pic but lets not kid ourselves, Mohawks are not a forever hairstyle especially for little girls, it’s okay for now but I say she needs to let that hair grow back in. As she gets older and starts school, please let it grow back. There are other ways to do every childs hair boy or girl. But in the end its her kid so its her decision. Still love Mel B. x0x0x

  • Hannah

    I don’t like it, Angel is still a baby let her be cute not gruesome.

  • Anonymous

    Since you asked, I absolutely hate it. I don’t get it unless it is for health reasons, it borders on cruel and unusual treatment of a precious baby girl.

  • giu

    I think in those pics she looks cute, but I don’t like it either for girls.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care for mohawks on anyone, personally. It’s just not a very flattering hairstyle. I don’t care if you’re male, female, adult or child. It’s just not attractive on anyone.

  • Dani

    Maybe I’m being too traditional, but I don’t like it at all…a little girl should not be having this kind of hairstyle…it makes her look like a boy…even though she’s a very cute kid.

  • Anonymous

    Do not like it one bit. I feel bad for Angel, she’ll look back on this one day and ask her mom W.T.F?

  • Peta

    I’m not a fan of mohawks on either sex. It’s the hair straightening I’m more curious about – I hope Mel B used a hot comb, and not a kiddie relaxer on Angel’s young hair and scalp.

  • Jane

    That mohawk looks absolutely ridiculous and VERY tacky!

  • antigoniem

    I agree on the latter part of Peta’s comment. Although, I do like the mohawk on her.

  • Nona

    I agree with the sentiment that mohawks aren’t particularly attractive on any person of any gender or any age.

    but… chacun à son goût.

  • Mary Davenport

    She looks adorable. I too hope that they change the hair before she begins school. Kids have a hard enough time as it without us parents making our own statements through them. This little girl looks like she is going to be tough though. casino online

  • cyberkitten8

    i personally think she looks ridiculous..she looks like a boy 🙁

  • SR

    Don’t put a hairstyle on a kid that you wouldn’t get. That mohawk looks silly on that child. Mel B should be ashamed of herself. If the child was having hair problems, she should have cut it all off. That’s a boy’s style.

  • Lioness

    I actually think she looks cute with it- though Angel is so friggin’ cute that her hair could be pretty much any kind of way and she’d still be beautiful. All you people worried about Angel being teased at school by other kids- kids aren’t usually judgmental unless they have judgmental parents. They may have preferences, but they don’t hold it against people until they learn to. Teach your kids to be tolerant of differences, and you won’t have to worry about little Angel.

    Also, it’s one thing to just not like the way the hairstyle looks on Angel, but to not like it because you think she should conform to what your idea of what little girls are supposed to look like is just silly. I don’t think Mel B or anyone else should have to follow rules and practices set up by other people, as long they’re not hurting anyone. Let’s try and think for ourselves- “boys” and “girls” looks are artificial constructs made by people that came before Mel B, and she doesn’t have to abide by them. Neither does anyone else. Okay, stepping down off the soapbox :-D…. btw, thank you CBS for the Angel pics, we don’t see enough of this cutie-patootie!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Lioness. I don’t like mohawks, but not because “they aren’t appropriate for a girl” or some such nonsense. I get so perplexed by the people that insist all girls should “look like little girls.” What does that really mean? Isn’t that different to everyone? One person may think girls should wear pants and tops and have short hair. Another might think that they should always wear dresses and have bows in their hair. Who is right? It’s a social construct and no one has the right to say, “dress her like a girl” because it is a totally meaningless phrase. Okay, I’m done now 😉

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