“Family Is First, Second And Third” On Jennifer Meyer’s List

With her super successful jewelry line, her happy marriage to Spiderman’s Tobey Maguire and her two beautiful children – Ruby Sweetheart, who turns 3 tomorrow, and 6-month-old baby Otis – busy Hollywood mom Jennifer Meyer sure has a full plate!

In a recent interview with Pint Size Social, the 32-year-old jewelry designer dished about her family, her hopes for her children’s futures & the things she just can’t live without.

On what she hopes her children remember when they grow up: “That they had a wonderful, carefree, happy childhood filled with love and security.”

On her key to balancing a successful career and being a successful parent: “Making sure my family is first, second and third on my list. There is nothing as important to me as being a mom, wife, daughter, sister etc… And when all of that is strong and in place, I feel like my career runs smoothly.”

On her favourite thing to do with her family: “With my family, pretty much whenever we are all together, I’m in heaven. Literally, we could be driving in the car and I’m happy.”

On her favourite thing to do alone: “Alone, I love a long hot shower or doing yoga with Mandy Ingber.

On the things she can’t live without: “My family, face cream, nice sheets, and my iPod.”

On what she wishes she had more time for: “Sleep.”

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