Levi Johnston To Fight For Joint Custody

Levi Johnston is getting ready to take legal action to gain joint custody of 10-month-old Tripp – his only child with his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin.

Bristol, daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, and Levi were engaged to be married before their relationship came to and end in March.

Levi told The Insider that he will be seeking joint custody at the end of November 2009 because the Palin family is apparently making it very difficult for him to see his child.

It’s not working. I’m done. It’s going to have to go to court. They just finally pushed me over the edge.

The relationship between the Palin family and the Johnstons has taken a particularly nasty turn over the last few months, especially after Levi’s Vanity Fair interview where he dished on the inner workings of the Palin household.

Sarah also voiced her opinion about her would-be son-in-law posing for Playgirl, saying, “Those who would sell their body for money reflect a desperate need for attention and are likely to say and do anything for even more attention.”

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  • What does Levi expect? He’s allowed the liberal smear machine to keep him relevant. The media finally hit a new low and have made him a pathetic puppet lying and slandering his babies mothers family. How many times has he done Larry King??He has Playgirl coming up, probably a book with lots of pictures in it, then it will be I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here and The Surreal Life. God help us all.

  • melanie1983

    This kid is SUCH a mess.

  • Anonymous

    Even though he really shouldn’t bad-mouth half of his son’s family, he still has a right to see the child. If the Palin’s are keeping him from Tripp, then he has every right to do something about it. And it’s up to the judge to decide if he deserves to see his son or not.

  • Hal

    He is such a loser. I’m not the biggest fan of Sarah Palin but I wouldn’t wish this kid on anyone. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to deal with him. I wish he would just grow up and get out of the spotlight…and take Jon Gosselin with him!!

  • Dana

    If I were the Palins, a court order would be the only way he would see the baby. Just because you are a biological parent doesn’t mean you have a “right” to have a relationship with your child. Sometimes it’s just in the best interest of a child for a parent to not be involved and I think this may be the case until he gets his act together.

    • Shirilicious

      Well, I think that a parent has the right to see his/her child unless he/she is a threat to the child’s well-being. Just because Grandma Palin doesn’t like him does not mean he will not be a good father. Making the rounds on talk shows and getting naked for a magazine can hardly be considered an ‘unfit parent’.
      Both sides in this mess should get “their act” together and honestly if I were him (and I am not defending his actions) I would tell the grandmother to back off and let this be dealt among the parents of the child.

    • Anonymous

      Well, that is only if he is an unfit parent and if they are going to make him pay$1750/mo in child suport well he should be able to see his kid. She wants full custody and physical custody than she shouldn’t be asking for child support while living with her parents. Joint custody ok. I agree alot with anonymous Dec 23rd comment. He is still just a kid himself needing to grow up? Yes but how many 19yr olds are all that responsible enough to have a family and handle spotlight like he has had at that age? Give him a break.

  • Peta

    Should have kept your pants on, Levi.

  • milla

    ugh sarah is an idiot and i agree with levi on that, but he is one as well. but hes still the babys father and has the right to be around him. not cool: the “perfect palins” to keep him away from levi.

  • Anna

    I think everyone has the right to see their child and be their parent unless they have hurt that child. Levi might not seem very smart that does not mean he should not be allowed to see his child.

  • SAM

    I fault Levi’s mother for all of this. She obviously never taught her son not to kiss and tell, so now the rest of us have to put up with this crap.

  • sherry

    1. Amen to Hal (except I AM a fan!) & Peta and 2. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING BRISTOL??

  • anne

    @ Jennifer68: The media in general love a trainwreck, period – irrespective of ideology. (In any event, both sides take advantage of this story.) @ Peta: So Bristol was always wearing hers? @ Gov. “Rogue”: Who better than your own fine self to understand a powerful need for attention, and the willingness to say and do some pretty gobsmacking stuff to get it? (Bless your heart, even without “actual responsibilities” anymore you’re still making me laugh!)

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he’d see the kid occasionally if he lived in Alaska. While Bristol spends every single day in Alaska taking care of her child, he wanders around the Hollywood D List trying to suck up attention he hasn’t earned and whining about how people treat him. He’s pathetic.

  • antigoniem

    Anon- If they don’t let him see the child then he probably has nothing but time on his hands. He also probably can’t get a regular job because he’s always gonna get that recognition. Also, does anyone realize he’s not doing what the normal teenage father would do, deny the child a father and leave the mother alone to raise the child by herself. Hey, it’s better than being a dead beat like Eddie Murphy.

  • Anonymous

    First of all Sarah Palin should have kept her mouth shut bad mouthing Levi. She started all this mess, trying to portray her daughter and family as a wonderful wholesome family which is bull. It is clear the family is very disfunctional and Sarah Palin could care less about being this wonderful mother and loving wife, (ha). Sarah Palin should have kept her mouth shut about Levi, instead she bad mouthed him like he was such a horrible person, when in fact it was her young daughter out there drinking and having sex (unsupervised, no guidance) and got pregnant. It is clear her daughter was running wild. The bottom line is don’t talk bad about other people and you won’t have to worry about your dirty little secrets coming out, especially when you have let that person in your family to see and know all of your business. Sarah Palin should have stayed out of the situation with her daughter and Levi, and encourage her daughter to allow Levi to be a father to his son, and in turn Levi would have never revealed the dirt on Sarah Palin and her family. I am glad Levi has taken a stand and exposed her for who she really is, a hypocrite, selfish, self-centered person out to do whatever it takes to become rich. (How do you refer to your own child as a retard baby.) Disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    I’m an Alaskan who is embarrassed by Sarah Palin and who thinks that Levi was just a kid who got thrown into an absolutely weird situation and is handling it just about as well as a lot of kids of his age and background would. Look what happened to him. He finds himself on the stage at the RNC, holding hands with his pregnant girlfriend??! Give me a break. There are hundreds of thousands of Levis out there whose girlfriends’ mothers are not celebrity seekers. A lot of them would take this opportunity to make some money, too. Immature maybe, but he really is still just a kid. And seems like a basically nice one at that. And I believe every word about the Palins that comes out of his mouth.

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