Sadie Sandler’s Sweet Treat

Funny dad Adam Sandler joined his favorite girls – wife Jackie Titone and their daughters Sadie, 3, and Sunny, who turned 1 last week – at Magicopolis in Santa Monica, California for a day of family fun yesterday (November 8). After the show Adam and Sadie both enjoyed a sweet treat: M&Ms for the preschooler and a lollipop for dad!

The Happy Gilmore star will next be seen alongside Salma Hayek and Steve Buscemi the high school reunion comedy Grown Ups.

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Photo credit: JSGS ROME/GSI Media

  • SsUrfers

    Sadie looks so unhappy in all of her
    pictures. Can you find a pic where
    she looks happy having these two
    for parents. How bout one with

  • Namescount

    It is considered incorrect to
    use the wifes’ maiden name
    unless she has a career with
    a self sustaining income-
    producing occupation; and
    established this previous to
    being married.
    Or the couple is divorced.
    So these two are divorced or the
    name should be corrected to
    Jackie sandler as there has never
    an income. Maybe that’s why
    Sadie is unhappy.

    • ivy

      what are you talking about?? dont you have anything better to do with your time?

    • Anonymous

      Actually, no, it’s correct to call the woman by whatever name she wants to be called. Lots of women don’t change their names when they get married – it has nothing to do with whether they have careers or not.

  • Sandler name

    Adam is being disrespected
    using the wife maiden name in a
    publicity promo photo; Adam
    adopted this person 12 yrs ago.

  • Lioness

    LOL @ Ivy. I think his girls are cute- although Sadie’s hair is always such a mess, lol! People used to complain all the time about James Wilke’s hair being so messy (I’ve actually never thought James’ hair looked messy), but no one says anything about Sadie’s. Maybe it’s a sign hat we’re all getting a little more positive…. LMAO!!! Okay, even I had to laugh at that one. Anyway, I’m not one to fuss about appearances, especially children’s- some people just have unruly hair. But I sometimes wish they would try and tame Sadie’s!!

  • Shirilicious

    What are you people with the “wife maiden name” trying to tell the world? I don’t understand one word.

  • Sandler name

    Maybe children should take
    their mothers maiden name.

  • Nona

    “It is considered incorrect…”

    Rules of grammar indicate that it is incorrect to use the passive tense of a verb, so your theory is already irrelevant. And not just on account of grammatical rules. The thing is that, by using the passive tense, you aren’t saying WHO considers it incorrect to keep/use one’s “maiden” name, so your point is moot.

  • Nona

    Sadie reminds me of Busy from that 90s Disney Channel show “Ready or Not.”

  • Sandler name

    Yea find and marry
    a dupe to live off of;
    let him do all the work
    for you and you
    keep your own name.
    Sounds like the
    ho llywood lifestyle to me!!!

  • Anonymous

    @ Sandler Name… I am really comfused why you are on a personal mission to educate people on the “proper” use of one’s madien name as defined by you. Sadie has what seems to me two loving and active parents. (I only know these people through photographs, which I assume is the only way you “know” them, maybe this is all a *typo* and their “real” friends know her “real” last name.) Shouldn’t that be all a person could want for a child, not what last name the mom goes by professionally or personally? I really would like it if you could explain (not in poem) to everyone that has asked/commented to you on why this is so important to you. Maybe if you explained yourself your point could be considered by others with some sort of reason and validity. Thank you…

  • Peta

    *reads comments* O…………………….kay then. O_O Never realised a woman keeping her family name instead of taking her husband’s would be so problematic for some people.

  • Sandler name

    The correction is being addressed
    to the editors and forwarded
    to the publisher.
    Thanks for the concern.

  • Wikipedia

    Try wikipedia;
    “married and maiden names”

  • Ellen

    I personally wished that my hair was a thick and wavy as Sadie’s seems. This seems like a very typical family to me. Nice.

    Now to the name issue. Both my daughters kept their maiden name as did many of their friends. To them it was easier than changing SS cards, driver’s license and matched their college degrees. It disrespects no one. And Sandler didn’t “adopt” her.

    • College

      So you are equating the time and
      effort and money and studying to
      achieve a college degree is the same
      as finding a man willing
      to allow a free ride; And this is
      a mom quality that you want
      for your grandchildren.
      Ok. Well bring a COMB!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I guess some people just have to *flame* Sad really. This is just a picture of what looks like a sweet family taking a nice walk together.

    Jealous much??

  • Anonymous

    I think our Haiku writing friend may have few screws loose, yes?

    • Shirilicious

      LOL. You know, I keep coming back to this post just to see to see if there is some more of the Sandler name defender. It has such a crazy hilariousness.

  • Anonymous

    Baby blog should wait to read just Jared
    before writing about sandler. They got the
    names correct. Adam sandler and his wife j

  • cat

    Ok let’s do some research here…. Jackie’s name is Jackie Sandler. She changed her name when she got married. All the movies that she has appeared in she goes by Jackie Sandler. So the editors on this site are misinformed.

  • Dorothy

    What reason does the public have for knowing Sandler’s wife’s maiden name? My understanding is that Sandler has been married for a long time and has two beautiful children by the same woman. I enjoy seeing pictures of celebrities with their families.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t he married to Drew Barrymore in Hawaii after filming 50 First Dates and had two children with her and she left him for Jake Gilinthal and then he married the nanny.

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