Kate Winslet Picks Up Kids From School

Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet was spotted picking up her two children Mia Honey, 9, and Joe Alfie, 5 1/2, from school in New York City on Tuesday (November 10).

The 34-year-old Titanic star says that she avoids luxuries like nannies doing the school pick up and chefs making the meals because she doesn’t want her kids to get used to a “movie star existence.”

I don’t have the perfect life. There are things I could implement within my life that would probably make it easier. But I deliberately don’t do it because if I did, I would be living that movie star existence that I really try and resist.”

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Photo credit: MARIO MAGNANI/bauergriffinonline.com

  • Shirilicious

    Someone has said this before, but Mia seems really small for her age. Her brother who is more than 3 years younger is almost her height.

  • dan

    she is only 3 yrs older than him and theya re only ahlf siblings..shes proba lil under average height and joe is prob a bit more than average…its difficult cos they dnt have the same father silly

    • Shirilicious

      Sorry, dude, but with a spelling like yours you should not call anybody else silly.

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