Lorenzo Lamas’ Giggly Girls

Lorenzo Lamas took his daughters Alexandra, 11, Victoria, 10, and Isabella, 8, to the Miller Robertson Animal Hospital in West Hollywood, California yesterday (November 9). Looks like the girls got a case of the giggles along the way!

Commenting on the news of the leak of his ex Shauna Sand’s sex tape, the 51-year-old actor recently said, “I don’t feel great about it. The children are too young to understand it,” adding, “if they have any question I will talk to them about it.”

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Jane

    Lorenzo Lamas gives me the creeps.

    I feel bad for these kids having him and Shauna Sands as parents!

  • marie

    It’s nice to see these beautiful little girls so relaxed and enjoying walking with a properly and full dressed parent, without feeling embarrased.

  • Peta

    Cute girls! I think the eldest daughter looks like her mother – pre-surgery and dye jobs, that is.

    Off-topic: Does anyone buy the whole ‘stolen/leaked sex tape’ story? It has happened too many times with too many celebrities for me to think that they were all accidentally or maliciously publicised. It sounds like the 21st century way for a non-A lister of limited skills to become relevant.

  • Jane

    cute girls. too bad their parents are “wack” jobs!

  • Me7777777

    If this is the same Lamas as on the show I am watching tonight, this Lamas show is ridiculous. I have never seen a more retarded show with more retarded bimbos than this. Someone, fire them all and wipe them off the air.

  • Nice pics. Lorenzo is mi first actor.

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