Pamela Anderson Defends Son’s Violent Reaction

Pamela Anderson is currently living in a beach side trailer with her two sons, Brandon, 13, and Dylan, 11, while their Malibu home is being renovated. According to the Baywatch star, her two boys with ex-husband Tommy Lee are “terrorizing” residents of the trailer park.

In addition to “riding their dirt bikes through the whole trailer park, going crazy, doing flips,” it sounds like the boys are also reacting to mom’s past career choices. The 42-year-old mother of two went on to say that Brandon got in trouble at school for protecting her honor.

My son got in trouble at school for beating somebody up. Well, not really beating somebody up. Just one of the counselors, who’s 18 or 19, made a rude comment about me to him. Brandon threw his Red Bull (drink) on him and then went after him and they had to peel him off him. Now I’m getting called into school. But I think when somebody says something bad about your mother, what are you supposed to do? It is hard when other kids are like, ‘I’ve seen your mom with her clothes off!’ I’ve tried to teach my kids I have no problem with nudity. Violence isn’t good but Brandon was really upset, he was shaking and crying and looking in my eyes. It’s so sad.”

What are your thoughts? Should Brandon be disciplined for his violent reaction?

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, he should be disciplined because violence is never acceptable. And Pam should be ashamed of the way she’s chosen to live her life. She did this to her child.

  • Anonymous

    He should be disciplined of course to prevent future violent outbursts but it’s also important to have the other child who provoked him punished. Blaming Pamela for it helps no one.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody makes mistakes in their youth but this woman is still not behaving in a manner befitting the mother of her two young boys. People should not have children unless they are willing to make certain sacrifices (like putting the children’s welfare before their need to engage in lifestyles that are considered indecent and/or frowned upon in a civilized society). I feel bad for the kid, but yes, he should be disciplined and made aware that violence is never the answer.

    What is more disturbing is that Pam does not seem to realize that her actions are what caused her child to put in this position in the first place. She does not express any contrition or desire to make amends by refraining from dressing and acting like a slut. Nudity has its place and she not show up half naked at her kids’ sports events and etc. It is disrespectful.

  • Anonymous

    Why does a 13-year-old need Red Bull? That’s what I would like to know.

  • Ally

    I’m sorry…what did this woman expect? Nobody seems to think ahead 10 or 20 years when they’re running around making sex tapes or posing nude. The kid should be punished, there’s no excuse for violence. If the counselor did make a remark like that, he should be punished as well. This is very much a case of the sins of the parent coming home to rest on the child. Sad.

    • Jamie

      THANK YOU! I think that all the time – why don’t these people think ahead and realize that they’re going to have children who will have to live with the choices their mother made!?! I mean, kids in school have not only been able to see their mother nude, but having sex with their father! Come on! That’s pretty rough.

  • Jordasche Bledsoe

    I agree with Anonymous #3. Pamela is disgusting and I feel terrible for her children.

  • Anonymous

    I’m for Pam and her son Brandon. I think it’s terrible whoever was saying bad things about her to her son Brandon. His mom is probably a fat couch potato. lol He is just jealous his mom isn’t Pamela Anderson She is an amazing legend.

  • Anonymous

    Its not okay to say horribel things baout someone’s mother. Its not okay to attack someone. But he is 13 and this is a lesson that Brandon is probably going to take a while to learn. Anger management is hard! In some circles these boys are going to have to develop thick skins. But on teh up side there are lots of people (like me) who have never seen the sex tapes and have no interest in judging people on the fcat they filmed sex with their husband. Its not teh end of the world.

  • Anon1

    That is why these celebs should not be adopting children. Their pasts are too messed up and these kids will inevitably be taunted. I remember saying this about her and Angelina Jolie’s kids. That they will be bullied because of their parents and every one thought they wouldn’t.

    • anja

      Sorry, but how is this connected to Angelina Jolie? God, it seems that everything is her fault. It’s cold, is that her fault, too?

  • Tracey

    No wonder the kid went off like that, after drinking Red Bull.

  • Leya

    I feel sorry for the kids. She has great responsibility for all the remarks she gets or her kids get. Posing nude in Playboy when you’re young and pretty is one thing. In those days we looked at her as a beautiful, young,sexy girl. 20 years have gone by and she hasn’t achived anything, so she still has nothing else to sell than herself. She is far from being a good actress adn far from being pretty now. She looks so trashy these days, I feel embarassed when I see her in the magazines while flashing her tits everywhere she turns up. That is to me really irresponsible behaviour for a mum although it is obvious she loves her boys. She has to realize that everything she does has an effect on her kids, and she must stop acting out like a retired and worn out playboy bunny.

  • Anonymous

    Red Bull is not a drink for a 13 year old, (it has been banned for consumption by youths in other countries). I am sure he has plenty of enough energy at his young age that extra caffeine and sugar is not needed. If he is sluggish, maybe “mom” should look into changing his diet. Less caffeine and a change in diet could help him deal better emotionally with the pressures he has put on him because of his mother’s fame.

  • Anonymous

    Anon1, Pam’s boys are biological.

    A 13 year old with Red Bull is insane!

  • Jen

    Sorry, but if my boobies were plastered all over mens magazines, I would expect my children to have a rough go of it during their school years. Not sure how she can expect it to go unrecognized.

    That aside, it’s also safe to assume the boys have not had the best parenting in the world. One parent’s in and out of rehab while the other is doing scantally clad magic shows in Vegas and being photographed drunk and high with several different men at parties. The boy should be held accountable for his behavior, but he hasn’t had the best role models, either.

  • Samantha Bates

    Red Bull? For a 13 year old? Really?
    So this woman is actually admitting that these boys are terrorizing their trailer park and other residents, and she seems to be as nonchalant as if it’s no big deal at all. Pam is not a role model for anyone and especially not her kids. If anyone says anything about a parent, you ignore the ignorant person and statement, you don’t throw an energy drink at them. But I doubt Pam ever taught these boys anything about self-respect, since it’s safe to say she has none for herself.
    Pam, get off the internet, put the liquor and pills down, put some clothes on and pay attention to your children.

  • Jack

    I’m pretty sure her kids are used to hearing things about their mom so whatever this “counselor” had to say must have been bad. I don’t think that violence is ok but. This kid is not the first kid in the world to get in a fight because someone said something bad about his mom. I think that the boy should be taught to not care what people think about his mom and to ignore it, but this adult (18-19 is an adult) should be punished and possibly fired.

  • Anonymous

    As a camp counselor, I have campers younger then 13 drink Monster and redbull. We are the generation that grew up drinking sugar and caffeine fulled pop so I find that redbull and stuff like that really don’t effect them as bad as you would think.
    Also, I think you need to cut her some slack, her profession was primary based on her being a sex symbol. So a sex tape should not be shocking. I see no one attacking Huge for promoting Playboy and he is a parent to 2 boys as well. She is a good mom and a good person, I would think as a parent you would disipline your kid for violence but you would be proud that they defended you.

  • Sonya

    And everyone jumped on me when I criticised Jenna Jameson! All you naysayers take note! What you do with your life/past does matter.

  • Anonymous

    What a couple of little punks. Doing this at 13 – what’s he going to be doing at 17 or 18…..I shutter to think. SAD.

  • Done With Nonsense

    Check yourselves – those of you who are on auto critisize. The reality is that schools have a ZERO tolerence for any Quote aggressive behavior. AS LONG AS THE person or persons that started it are the “Right” people/person the child responding has to wrongfully take the blame. And in this case, GOOD FOR HIM Defending his MOM!!! Everybody is who they are and if she were not a Loving Caring Mother her son probably woulnd’t have lashed out. Regardless of what you think of someones MOM – YOU DO Not say rude unkind things as a School Representative – period.

    Any time a MOM is older and Hot or even regular hot as in not dumpy/boring it seems that schools, other MOMS and such are just waiting to bash them through their kids. Really – what is a kid supposed to do? Have an intellectual discussion as to the inapropriate nature of the rude comment?

    A Very long time ago – kids could be kids and respond as kids – The corralation to todays standards of repressing everyhing is no doubt part of the fuel of the kids who eventually do go wak! Yes, the polite, obediant ones seem to be the ones in the news as young adults for horrendous things.

  • Anonymous

    The violence is certainly not acceptable but, i supposeif i was a kid i would beat people up for saying things about my mom.

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for her boys. I feel that as they go in to their teens, it is only going to get harder for them.. Pamela has made a living on thaking her clothes off. If you even notice that her everyday wear is not how a mother dresses. Her sons made a little canselling….

  • Wil I am

    Pam is right boys should always defend their mothers honor, Mabey not always through violence but always deffend especially your own mother when disrespected or mistreated. But she is wrong for allowing the red bull. My mom is by no means a celebrity but she also has a small body and a big set of bolt ons. And isn’t afraid to wear sheer tops with no bra or string bikini when she used to take me to the beach. And I used to get embarrassed and mad for comment and buddies looking. You just have to pick and choose your battles. Some are worth fighting some are not. So even at 26 when my buddies talk about they would always see her tanning nude or what ever “original” comment they make. I take it as a compliment or just agree with their opinion witch always throws them off. My mom is a great mom, her body, looks, and certainly not her breasts are not the reason I love her. So I a man speaks of her in disrespectful manor no matter how young or old I am I will put him down. Good on her for teaching her son to have morals.

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