Robert Downey Jr Opens Up To Esquire

Robert Downey Jr’s struggles with substance abuse have been well-documented, but having “found my way out of the woods” he’s now one of Hollywood’s hottest commodities. The Iron Man star, who is dad to 16-year-old son Indio, recently sat down with Esquire magazine to talk about, among many other things, kids, career and the “perfect, perfect” match he has found in his wife Susan Levin.

On having kids: “The big unspoken thing here is that we intend to have a family… Hell, yeah. Speaking of artifacts. The ultimate artifact of our love. In a onesie.”

On his wife: “There’s no understanding for me of the bigger picture in real time in a hands-on way without her. Because it was the perfect, perfect, perfect matching of personalities and gifts.”

On his mom: “What I have from my mom is the very distinct education in not blindly but somewhat wantonly throwing yourself into the work — and being very brave and dedicated.”

On growing older: “I hand it to any and everyone who has made it past their late thirties and has any sense of contentment, because you know so much, and the anxiety can be so overwhelming — and managing the anxiety is a skill set that seems like a menu that changes every day.”

On his image: “The funny thing is, Susan’s and my lifestyle — as much as it’s about home and creating something warm — it’s still an image thing no matter how you slice it, the same way it’s as much of an ego trip to drive the Jetta as it is the Bentley. One’s a judgment on the other, and one’s a counterjudgment, and God bless the Prius, but that ain’t me.”

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