Kendra Wilkinson & Kourtney Kardashian Get Ready For Baby!

Kendra Wilkinson and Kourtney Kardashian are getting ready to welcome their baby boys next month! Both moms-to-be opened up to In Touch about their fears and excitement in these last few weeks of pregnancy.

“It’s like an alien in your belly,” former Girls Next Door star Kendra said. “I mean, that’s a weird way to describe it, but it’s hard to explain. It’s also just really amazing.” Kourtney revealed that she is tired. “I’m really exhausted,” and added that she’s feeling a bit unprepared, “I don’t think I have ever changed a diaper!”

Kendra, a Playboy model, admits that pregnancy has changed her focus. “It’s definitely opened up my eyes to a whole new world. I’m so emotional.” Kendra admitted she has some fears about labor. “I have heard a lot of horror stories — I know it’s going to be painful. But every woman goes through it. It’s natural for us. We’ve been doing it since the caveman days.”

Kendra, who recently wed football player Hank Baskett, plans to wear a “touch of mascara” in the delivery room and jokes that she’s most scared of the epidural. “I hate needles! But I am doing drugs — a lot of drugs!” After Hank Jr. is born, Kendra — who reveals she’s never even babysat before — admits she has another worry. “I don’t want anybody saying I am holding the baby wrong,” she says. “I don’t want anyone to judge me. I know there is a right and wrong way, but I want to hold my baby the way I want to hold him.”

And how is Kourtney feeling in these last few weeks? The 30-year-old socialite said that she’s been getting advice from all of the women in her life — from her mother, Kris Jenner, and her sisters, Kim and Khloé, to her close pals, who have been through pregnancies, too. “I listen to my mom,” Kourtney said, “but it’s fun to listen to my friends who have babies, too.” And what is Kris’ best tip? “Stay calm and don’t overreact!” Although friends say that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is “terrified of childbirth. She has a fear of the unknown, so since she’s never had a baby before, she’s worried about labor pains,” according to a close pal. Kourtney has taken Lamaze classes with her boyfriend, Scott Disick, and hopes to have a natural childbirth, but she is prepared to have a C-section if needed.

Despite her fears, Kourtney recently confided to the close friend that getting pregnant was the best thing that’s ever happened to her and it brought her back to Scott: “When Kourtney found out she was pregnant, they reconciled,” the pal reveals. “Kourtney and Scott have matured so much over the past few months. They’re no longer interested in going to the hottest club — now they’re interested in preparing for their baby.”

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  1. Peta

    *le sigh* Are they still pitting Jennifer and Angelina against each other? Give it a rest!

  2. Jane

    Blah, blah, blah – wish these two NOBODYS would just go away!

  3. Lilly

    im so happy for them, I know they will be great mothers. Stop hating on them already..they’re famous for dumb reasons but they’re famous!

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