Jerry Seinfeld: Stand-Up Is Second To Family

Jerry Seinfeld and wife Jessica – parents to Sascha, 9, Julian Kal, 6 ½, and Shepherd Kellen, 4 – have kept their priorities straight. The 55-year-old comedian opened up to UK’s GQ about putting stand-up second to family, working with the cast of Seinfeld again, and his daughter’s inclination toward the funny side of life.

On if the funny gene is in the Seinfeld DNA: “Watching my kids, especially my daughter, it does seem to be in the DNA somewhere because I see her falling asleep with these big joke books. She’s eight years old – she can read anything, why’s she reading jokes? I think it’s somewhere in the biology.” [Editor’s note: Sacha just turned 9 on November 7]

On stand-up being second to fatherhood: “Yeah I’m doing everything! That’s another great thing about stand-up – you can take time off when you want to. It’s like being a plumber. You can work when you want to. I get to roll around with them [the kids] all the time – it’s fantastic.”

On the old Seinfeld crew reconnecting on Curb Your Enthusiasm this season: “It came out really good. Larry and I were both thrilled. We really felt like we added an epilogue to Seinfeld, which we never thought we’d be able to do. You get to catch up with these people ten years later and hear what they thought about it. It was really interesting to collide these two universes.”

On not getting caught up in the drug and alcohol scene like so many other comedians: “Probably I’m just naturally not inclined. It takes up enough of my time and interest just working on comedy. I just enjoy it and love doing it. I never really got distracted by other things. I think I was probably just lucky. I’ve certainly seen a lot of other people step into those potholes and it’s very easy to do in this business.”

On Seinfeld (the TV show) being famously about nothing and everything all at once: “Absolutely! You know yesterday a friend told me about someone who saw me in Las Vegas and said that when I am on stage, I could be talking about anything and I would be funny, and I was trying to explain to him – that is the illusion of it. He said he would have laughed no matter what I said, and I said no – he won’t! So when people say, “It’s a show about nothing” – that just means you have good technique!”

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  1. Anonymous

    wow i thought it was his daughter!!!looool

  2. anne

    “That’s the great thing about being a [gajillionaire] . . . You can work when you want to [or not at all].” Oh yeah, Jer, just like being a plumber.

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