Rumor: Angelina Jolie To Adopt From Syria

Angelina Jolie is dominating tabloid covers this week, with US and Star bringing up the old Jennifer Aniston drama, Life & Style proclaiming her a “total fake” and OK! revealing that she’s getting set to adopt her 7th child.

It’s the adoption rumors that seem to be getting the most attention as the Tomb Raider star has reportedly already started the process to adopt a child from Syria. Angie and her partner Brad Pitt took a trip to the country just last month, visiting with refugee families and children in the region.

Angelina has made no secret of the fact that she plans to expand her family, but although Brad has also seemed on board with the idea of more kids, OK! reports that he’s not ready to bring home another baby just yet.

“He has made it clear that six children are more than he can handle,” the magazine quotes a source as saying. “The idea of one more seemed ludicrous, but Angie is determined to complete her rainbow family.”

Brad and Angelina are already parents to kids Maddox, 8, Pax, 5 1/2, Zahara, 4 1/2, Shiloh, 3 1/2, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 1.

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  • Anonymous

    Its sad that a site like this would do a post about this crap. Just doing a little google would debunk this story; but like most in the blog nasty blog world the truth doesnt matter.


  • Anonymous

    That quote from Brad about not wanting more children is contradictory to what he’s said on several talk shows. So I don’t believe it, just more made up garbage.

  • Sonya

    First anon, I was just going to mention that! I believe that most Islamic countries don’t allow for international adoption (and some not even in-country).

    Brangelina would have 26 and not 6 kids by now if every adoption story in tabloids were true. Funny, but when they do adopt (like with Zahar and Pax) I bet we’ll not hear a peep about it till they announce it.

  • Cabo

    As far as remember she adopted Pax “without” Brad as well. I think that’s how it happened, and then later Brad adopted the kid. Maybe i’m wrong.

    • Raven

      Yes you do have it wrong. Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wanted to adopt Pax but were not allowed to because they were not married so Angelina Jolie adopted Pax by herself and once the adoption went thought Brad adopted Pax as his son. So there was no adoption behind Brad Pitt back.

  • Daniella

    I very highly doubt they’re adopting a child from Syria due to the fact that Syria does not allow for international adoptions. I do not even think they allow for domestic adoptions. Most Islamic countries do not as far as I know & I believe that it’s the religious courts of Syria who would oversee an adoption (if it ever happened). I’ve heard before that some Middle Eastern countries may allow foreign nationals to adopt Catholic children, but that’s only if the parents can prove their activeness in the Catholic Church & very high moral standing. Any adoption from the Middle East would take religion into very high consideration. In this case, not even Brad & Angelina’s star power could help them here.

    All of these magazines should really get their facts straight, especially ones as simple as these, right before posting anything like this.

  • Anonymous

    Money can buy a lot of things. Honestly, in a corrupt society, if you have money, you can buy children. It doesn’t matter if adoption is “legal” in Syria.
    If the story is true, maybe it’s a good thing. She’s taking one more child out of an orphanage. (although, her home is basically a posh orphanage) One must question how much attention these children are receiving. If Brad and Angelina are off making movies all the time, the children are basically being raised by a rotating team of child-care professionals.
    Angelina Jolie looks more and more like Joan Crawford, lately. She looks scary cold and serious. She’s no longer approachable or relatable. She’s become really, really bourgeois.
    She’s becoming Michael Jackson. (Minus the musical talent, and possibly the molestation — eh…give it a few years.)

  • Kimberly P.

    Syria does allow adoption, but it is exceedingly rare and not through the government of the country. The exhausting, and nearly impossible, task would go through a private lawyer.

  • Peta

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Anonymous

    Angie did NOT work for over a yr and worked for 3 months earlier this yr. Brad has not worked since Dec 2008. Their kids are always on sets, even though there are no pics. So to spew the bullcrap about her always working and child care providers taking care of their kids is vile.

    Regular folks drop off their kids at daycare for most of day and maybe spend 3 hrs with the kids before putting them to bed. All celbes have nannies and other child carers for their kids but crap is only written about these two

  • Anonymous

    Whhere are the Burmese, Philipina, Ethopian, Indian, the girl from New Orleans that they are renaming Katrina,the Russian boy , the child from Prague that she is adopting. Every few months they tabloids claim she is adopting yet Feb will be 3 years since Pax joined the family. On Charlie Rose Brad said he wanted between 7-9 kids ,now granted that was before the twins were born but Angie was pregnant at the time when he was interviewed in Dec 2008.

  • I think Angelina looks beautiful! Brad is handsome as well, but do wish he would shave off that goatee. They have a beautiful family and I wish they stay together forever. They have good hearts and are always helping others.

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