Kourtney Kardashian: Prints Pregnancy

In an animal print top, an expectant Kourtney Kardashian was seen having a girls day out with some pals in Beverly Hills on Friday (November 13). The group dined on the patio of II Pastaio and later went shopping.

Kourtney – who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Scott Disick next month – recently said that she’s feeling a mixture of exhaustion and nervousness in these last few weeks of pregnancy: “I’m really exhausted,” Kourtney said. “I don’t think I have ever changed a diaper!”

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Photo credit: GSI Media / Flynet / Fame


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  1. Anonymous

    start feeling sorry for the kid, people with a mom like kourtney…of course, you’re exhausted…you’re all over town everyday…just sit home and stop parading yourself around. her and her sisters are so irrelevant…oh, it doesn’t take special skills to change diapers.. i can just see her now with her “ew, smelly”

  2. Anonymous

    ummmmm, your not fit to be a mother kourtney! who on earth says something like that when your like one month away to giving birth? she seriously acts so childish it’s beyond ridiculous

  3. antigoniem

    Kourtney has 4 younger sisters and she’s never changed a diaper. Maybe she’ll change, give her a chance. Nicole Richie changed.

  4. Anonymous

    and this is coming from someone who is nearing 30 years of age? it just proves that she’s not ready to be a mom and her mental capacity is of an 18 year old…heck, even my pregnant students (I’m a high school teacher) who are pregnant don’t say stupid stuff like that…

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