Sarah Palin Was “Devastated” By Daughter Bristol’s Pregnancy

In a recent interview with Barbara Walters, former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin claims that she had no idea her daughter Bristol was sexually active with boyfriend Levi Johnson.

In the five-part series, which will begin airing on ABC’s Good Morning America this Tuesday, Sarah tells Barbara that when her then 17-year-old daughter told her that she was pregnant she “was shocked”.

“Truthfully, we were devastated,” adds Sarah.

Bristol, 18, and Levi, 19, welcomed their son Tripp in December 2008 and, after a short engagement, ended their relationship.

Levi, who recently posed for Playgirl, plans to file for joint custody of Tripp after claiming that the Palin’s are making it difficult for him to spend time with his son.

In an interview with Oprah, which will air Monday, Sarah said that Levi is still “part of the family” and that he is welcome to spend Thanksgiving with them.

“It’s lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing,” said Sarah. “Because, of course, you want — he is a part of the family and you want to bring him in the fold and kind of under your wing. And he needs that, too, Oprah. I think he needs to know that he is loved and he has the most beautiful child and this can all work out for good. It really can.”

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