Wayne Rooney Skips Diaper Duty

It’s been almost two weeks since the birth of his son Kai, but new dad Wayne Rooney says he’s so far managed to avoid diaper duty.

The 23-year-old footballer, who welcomed his first child with wife Coleen on November 2, reports, “I am really proud to be a dad, but no. To be fair, I have learned to do it but she (Coleen) has been there and done it.” Though he added, “I’m working on it.”

The Fatherhood Institute seems to think it’s time for Wayne to roll up his sleeves: “In the past a lot of fathers said things like this and wore it as a badge of honour,” says researcher Adrienne Burgess. “But it is strange to hear such a young man say it. He looks like a bit of a dinosaur.”

Returning the pitch the day after little Kai’s arrival, Wayne says life is basically the same now that he’s a dad: “I don’t really feel any different, I’m really proud. Nothing changes for me. I just want to play.”

Congratulations again to them on the birth of their first child!

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  1. Katrina

    yeah i would never put up with that.

  2. Anonymous

    You don’t feel ANY different Wayne? Not at all? LOL well apparently he’s not following any cliche’s haha

  3. storm

    Compare his comments to Taye Diggs’. Very different ends of the same spectrum!

  4. gini

    father of the year right there

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