Adriana Lima & Marko Jarić Welcome Daughter Valentina!

It’s a girl for Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima, and her husband, NBA star Marko Jarić, People reports. The couple welcomed Valentina Lima Jarić on Sunday, November 15.

Adriana and Marko are thrilled to announce they had a baby girl, Valentina Lima Jarić. Mother, father and baby are all doing well.”

The 28-year-old Brazilian beauty met the 31-year-old Memphis Grizzlies star in 2006. The couple eloped on Valentine’s Day this year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Congratulations to the Lima-Jarić family!

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  • It’s a great news! The name is lovely, is a very common name in LatinAmerica more famous now for Valentina Pinault daughter of Salma Hayek. I’m from Chile & I have a 8-years-old cousin called Valentina Alejandra.

    And the lastnames have that order because in Brazil the mother’s lastname always is first, then is the father’s one. (I have brazilian cousins)

    I always read this page, even when english is not my native language, but you write in a easy way to everybody can understand.

    Congrats again to Adriana & Marko 🙂

  • Jane

    Beautiful woman!

  • Anonymous

    The name Valetina is also a serbian name, and Marko is serbian so im guessing that had something to do with it! Congrats!!!

  • Sonya

    Nice job finding a name that works in Portuguese, Serbian and English. And there’s always Val and Tina.

  • EM

    she is GORGE but hmmm.. almost 9 months to the day after eloping.. wonder if she was just barely preg at the time? she preached on and on about remaining a virgin until marriage.. this looks like it is cutting it VERY close! either way, congrats!

  • alexa lillian

    Congratulations to Adriana and Marko Valentina is a lovely name

  • Anonymous

    she did wait till her marriage night for those wondering!

  • Great news!! It’s a wonderful name, very common in LatinAmerica, more famous now thanks to Valentina Pinault, daughter of Salma Hayek.

    I’m from Chile & I have a 8-years-old cousin called Valentina Alejandra, her nickname is Vale not Val or Tina.
    In Brazil they use both lastnames, first from the mother & then from the father (I have brazilian cousins)

    Congrats to the happy couple! I always read this page even when english is not my native language!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Em. It seems a little suss since she eloped exactly 9 months before her baby came. I always assumed it was a quickie wedding cus she was pregnant and since she went on about staying a virgin. Either that or she got knocked up the first time she had sex…. Congrats though – this little girl will be gorgeous no doubt and probably be one of the new generation of Victoria’s Secret models in about 18 years along with Alessandra and Heidi’s girls.

  • herb kuschner (heather)

    I think you are the sister of zoie the model who i have had a long relarionship with.Lost her number when my cellphone disappeared. i plan to try to go to att & retrieve the number. i am53 years older than zoie.if you can send me her tel # or email address i will love you forever.

    Much love for Valentina.

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