Isla Fisher’s Cell Phone Cutie

What a cutie! Wedding Crashers star Isla Fisher and her sweet 2-year-old daughter Olive were spotted at a kids art event in Los Angeles on Sunday (November 15). Little Olive looked so adorable as she pretended to take a call on mom’s cell phone!

We just caught a glimpse of the gorgeous duo with papa Sacha Baron Cohen, who is rarely spotted by the paparazzi.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Jane

    Beautiful mom and daughter!

    There is something about Sasha Cohen that gives me the creeps!

    Isla can do much better than him!

  2. Anonymous

    And hey Jane at least Olive took after her mama lol.

  3. Anonymous

    Jane–Apparently, she can’t do any better than than Sacha Baron Cohen. Isla already had a long string of actor/model/producer boyfriends, fiances and live-ins before him. She was all over the British tabloids before she settled down with Sacha when she was about 24. Even though he still hasn’t married her after seven years of being engaged, he’s about the best she’s done.

  4. Jane

    Wow – wonder why she has such a low self esteem? She is a beautiful woman. Sacha seems so “bottom of the barrell” to me!

  5. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t call him “bottom of the barrel.” Ever see him out of character? He’s rather attractive and smart. He has a degree in history from Cambridge University. She does have a history of hooking up with men–including a Rothschild–who keep her in the public eye or can advance her career though. Before Sacha she was in soap operas and girly mags, now she gets movies.

  6. Shirilicious

    I actually think Saha Baron Cohen it’s the other way around, he could do a lot better than her.
    As anon above said he’s intelligent, educated (Cambridge is one of the most well regarded universities in the world) and is highly successful in his area (critically and commercially, his movies make millions and he has an Oscar nomination). While he isn’t my type of guy, he is good looking when he is out of character.
    Isla on the other hand is just pretty, nothing else, and everybody would have already forgotten about her if it wasn’t for her liaison with SBC (her last movie flopped and she has literally nothing else lined up).

    • Shirilicious

      I meant to write “I actually think it’s the other way around, SBC…”, :-).

    • Anonymous

      she is a mother, which is obviously her priority so she is clearly not using SBC for her career or she’d be working now instead of being a devoted parent. She is also educated and has written two best sellling teen romances!

      • Anonymous

        Isla filmed Confessions of a Shopaholic when Olive was a newborn. I quit a lucrative profession to stay home with my kids, so that that doesn’t say to me that mothering is her number one priority. Her career was starting to take off, and she was invested in keeping it afloat. She’ isn’t a full-time mom; shes been doing voice work. If she’s not in a movie now, it’s because the roles aren’t there. As to her education, it embarasses me that I know this, but Isla quit high school to work and went to “clown college.” She has no college degree even though many actresses have BAs or Masters in Fine Arts. As to the books, according to Sacha’s biography, Isla wrote two teen romances with her mom–and probably a ghost writer–while she was on Australian soaps. Her career tanked after she left the soaps to try to get into film. Her appearances in some rather crappy American movies coincides with Sacha’s bringing her to America.

  7. Noa Nils

    I hope Isla and Sacha give Olive a silbling soon, she is adorable!

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