Michael Sheen & Lily Mo’s Red Carpet Smiles

New Moon fever has hit! And who better to share it with than Michael Sheen and his adorable 10-year-old daughter Lily Mo?! The sweet father-daughter duo walked the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on Monday (November 16). Lily looked so beautiful and excited alongside her proud papa!

Michael plays the evil vampire Aro in the much-anticipated Twilight sequel. Earlier this year, he said that when Lily first learned of his new role, she got a literal kick out of the news!

I was excited about being in New Moon mainly because I thought it would make my daughter Lily very happy since she loved the books and the first movie. But, she was a bit overwhelmed. It was like when I was kid–if there was something I was really into, the last thing I wanted was my mom and dad to be into it as well. So, at first, Lily got upset and sort of cried when I told her. I think it was just like her fantasy imaginative world suddenly colliding with reality. She did punish me a bit. When she kicked me, I think that was sort of acting out her frustration.”

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Photo credit: Fame / Bauer Griffin

  • Rebecca

    I love Michael Sheen. What a great dad to bring his daughter along. They’re adorable. He’s an amazing actor, and a wonderful gent from what I can tell. Glad he was part of our beloved series. Took it up a notch.

  • anne

    Ditto on the praise of Daddy Sheen . . . and young Lily seems like a real sweetie, and growing up nicely. Just 2 tiny quibbles: pretty dress, just wish it were a tad longer (even with whatever that bottom layer is); and since 10 = tween, then a little eye make-up is acceptable? But … it appears Lily is being brought up in a pretty much unspoiled, non-H’wood fashion, so my quibbles are scarcely worth mentioning, huh? 😉

  • Jenny

    This is the first time I’ve seen a strong resemblance to mom Kate. I cannot wait for New Moon this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thay look so good!! You can definitely see the resemblance!!
    Anne, did you mean she should or shouldn’t have eye make up? Because she has some on, just a little 😉

  • Anonymous

    i don’T think she should wear make-up… she’ll be having plenty of time to wear it when she’s grown up!

  • Jenny-Loo

    Thats so cute he wanted to take the part bc he thought Lilly would like it, he seems like a great Dad. And oh my gosh he has a little clone I never realised how much they looked a like!

  • melanie1983

    what a beautiful picture! one of my new favs.

  • Jack

    She is too cute. You can really see her mom in her here. And just in my opinion you don’t see this girl running around constantly with make up on so I think that one night for a little extra fun its fine. I know for super special occasions and sometimes just for play I put make up on my 7 year old. But she’s not wearing it every day.

  • Anonymous

    bet she’s not kicking her dad now!

  • Anna

    She also looks like a regular kid, so I don’t think it’s an issue that she glammed up for this premiere.

  • Hannah

    I always thought Lily looked like her mom Kate but looking at this picture she is the spitting image of her dad.

  • LindaC

    Thy look so good!! You can definitely see the resemblance. Anne, did you mean she should or shouldn’t have eye make up?

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  • Anonymous

    i bet she isn’t kicking her dad now is true

  • Anonymous

    i bet she isn’t kicking her dad now is true

  • BellatrixCissy

    haha she really must have been shocked to kick her dad

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