Amanda Peet: It’s Important To Have A Sense Of Silliness

Amanda Peet, who currently stars in the blockbuster 2012, graces the December cover of Self magazine. The 37-year-old mother of one opens up about her 2-year-old daughter Frankie, her mission to get every child vaccinated by the age of 2, and her thoughts on body image in Hollywood.

On parenting her daughter Frankie: “You have to put your oxygen mask before you put on others’. It’s a good metaphor for parenting, but it’s really hard to do sometimes. A lot of women feel that if they’re exerting energy in different areas of their life or are really passionate about other things, it’s automatically detrimental to the child.”

On her work with Every Child By Two, a nonprofit group that strives to have all children vaccinated by age 2: “This is about children’s health. This is about the future of our children’s health. It’s about what happens when you become complacent and you’re not vigilant as a community. It’s about the fact that I don’t think parents feel like they’re part of a community anymore. We all have to make.”

On body image and having a daughter: “I do feel like it’s important for her to have me be as healthy as I can be. So, you know, I don’t want her to have horrible eating habits. I don’t want her to never exercise. But obviously I’d much rather have her play a sport than have a gym membership before she’s 20. I mean there are kids in L.A. who go to the gym and they have a trainer. I’m like, Play a sport!”

On how her outlook has changed since having her daughter: “Generally, I’ve become much more corny since I’ve had my baby girl. I think it’s important for her to know that you can fail and then recover and that failure is important. It’s part of the thing. You cannot escape it. There’s no way you can control everything that much. It was also really important to David and I that she have a sense of silliness. We resolved to have a silly child and she is pretty silly!”

On staying confident in Hollywood: “I think: Just because I’m not Meryl Streep and just because I’m not Cate Blanchett and I’m not as funny as Kristen Wiig doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing for me to deliver. Ever. For the rest of my life.”

On her fantasy body pick: “If I could choose and ideal body, I’d take Gisele Bundchen’s. I challenge anyone to say she wouldn’t want Giselle’s body, deep down. Actually, I’d take a number of people’s bodies. I’d take Jennifer Aniston’s too. I want boobs, a gentle six-pack and a perky butt.”

On her secret crush: “I’m obsessed with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. If she knew how much she was in my household late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, she might be disturbed! [My screenwriter husband David Benioff] and I both have a crush on her.”

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    Amanda and Frankie are both so pretty!

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