Kourtney Kardashian’s Changed Man

Khloé, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian opened up to Life & Style about what caused the family’s rift with Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney’s baby—and how they all healed together. And though he has remained mum on the subject, Scott is now speaking out about how he’s changed and can’t wait for the “new life” on the way.

Kourtney admits that it was tense for a while and caused negativity in the family:

It was hard. There was so much negative energy. But this is the father of my baby — I needed everyone to just get over it. [The tension] was really intense for a few months. But I feel like if that stuff hadn’t happened, things wouldn’t feel as good as they do today.”

Kim says the family was confused when Scott came back on the scene. “When Scott came back into our lives, it was like Kourtney was asking us to forgive and forget everything she’d said about him. We were really confused. We had to readjust our feelings about him, and sometimes we had a tough time with it.” Scott’s hard-partying behavior had everyone concerned. “I think he was just trying to have as much fun as possible before the baby came,” Kim continues. “All he wanted to do was hang out with his friends. He needed to realize that Kourtney and the baby had to come first.”

Khloé adds that Scott’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed. “He just started trying so much harder. He put the crib together — no one asked him to. He’s not a manual labor kind of guy, but for him to put the crib and changing table together meant so much to Kourtney.”

And what does the man in question have so say? “The pregnancy was a blessing,” Scott says. “It’s our time to be together and start sharing a new life.” He goes on to say that he has changed. “I was a bit young when I met Kourtney. Now I know that I’ve grown as a person. I’m much more productive with my time and my life. Kourtney’s family knows I’ve changed. They know I treat her well and that I’m here for her in every way. Now the trust is all there.”

So is Scott planning to propose? “Neither one of us wants Kourtney to walk down the aisle while she’s pregnant,” Scott says. “We know we’ll be together forever, so getting a legal document isn’t the biggest deal in our life.”

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  • Anonymous

    He (Scott) always gives off the Christian Bale American Psycho vibe. Creepy!

    • He has shark eyes. American Psycho is dead on, excellent observation!
      He (and Levi Johnson) need to disappear back into the empty untalented nothingness they came from.

    • Moore

      That’s it exactly!

    • Lioness

      OMG, yes!!! I always think the same thing when I see him, he looks like a serial killer! (As portrayed in the movies, anyway- I’m not claiming that serial killers have a singular look that defines them, lol. HE just seems… creepy.)

    • Anonymous

      i knew he reminded me of someone!!

  • Anonymous

    i think he looks like zac efron!

  • Theresa

    Jennifer 68 agree completely!!!

    He has always given me the creeps…I doubt he has “changed” at all and frankly I don’t care…I can’t stand him or his soon to be baby’s momma…LOL!

  • rbamber

    I like them, the whole family! I think their all hilarious.

  • Janie

    This guy is NOT to be trusted! He is a slime ball!

    What exactly does he do for work? This entire family is obnoxious. They are nobodys always looking for media attention.

  • Janie

    Wow! He put a crib together – yippee! Well that is the least he can do. He is the father! This family is pathetic!

  • Bird

    These are not good people.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t watched the show long, but what does Scott do? Never any mention of his career and secondly, I noticed that they had to move into the condo that Kourtney had shared with Khloe. Did he not have a home for himself?

  • Alycia

    Their baby will no doubt be cute, but I don’t think they will stay together forever!

  • Jessica

    I believe everyone deserves a second chance.. so maybe he really has changed… let’s see what the future holds for these two.. I really hope he treats her well tho, coz Kourtney is a sweet person and deserves the best

  • Anonymous

    Scott Dissick is old money aristocracy from Long Island and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan…he has that layed back attitude and he is so sexy and gorgeous I would be glad to support him….Plus the girls (including Kris) don’t need SO MUCH eye make up–they are pretty enough with out it.

  • David

    Scott Dissick has a laiid back attitude because he is from old money aristocracy on Long Island and Manhattan. Also, the girls don’t need SO MUCH eye makeup because they are pretty enough as they are–especially Kris.

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