Jennifer Garner Smooches Seraphina

SWAK! Jennifer Garner smooched her sweet 10-month-old daughter Seraphina as she picked up her 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Violet, at preschool in Santa Monica on Thursday (November 19).

Often followed by the paparazzi, Jennifer recently commented on raising kids in the spotlight.

I feel like they have a very normal upbringing. It’s too bad that there aren’t laws that protect their privacy, but that’s a whole other thing. They do have things that are really exciting for them and strange for them, I’m sure. Like living in a different place for a while then going back home. But kids have that with parents with all different jobs so I try not to look at it as something that is a problem. But kids are kids, they think whatever goes on in their lives is normal and I think that my kids’ lives are pretty normal.”

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  • Janie

    These pictures are precious. Beautiful children. Jennifer’s boots are very tacky! What the heck was she thinking?

  • alexa lillian

    seraphina is a pretty baby

  • Anonymous

    These are unbelievably sweet pictures. I like that Violet is wearing a shirt that says, “Seraphina’s Sister.” Sera looks a lot like Ben!

    I agree, Janie, Jen’s boots are fug. Normally I really like the way she dresses because it’s so “normal,” but those boots are hideous.

  • Anonymous

    Good eye Anon #3 I had not noticed that Vi was wearing a Seraphina’s sister *T* shirt. That is cute. I think Jen tries to wear something so different than others so she won’t wind up on those *who wore it better list* . That might explain her rain boots. Was it raining in Santa Monica today?

    Anyway cute kids and I adore Jen as a mom. She seems to enjoy it a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, it was a sunny day here in Los Angeles today. No clue why she would wear those boots.

  • nicoleC

    she is so lovely and cute ~~
    The affleck sister are so adorable ~

  • Shirilicious

    Jennifer has simply horrible taste when it comes to clothes. Occasionally she (or her stylist) gets it right, but usually she’s either colour blind or doesn’t mind that her clothes don’t fit at all.

  • Chris X

    Sera looks just like her daddy – she has that same crooked smile. They still need to get soem boys. As for Jen’s boots – sometimes you dress for your children, not to have your picture take, I have a relative who wears silly socks with cats, dogs, rabbits , grinches, pumpkins – whatever – just because her granddaughter thinks they are wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    Good point Chris X. I love that Jen is not so into fashion but that she is totally into her kids. Her priorities are in good order. Those kids are beyond happy and adorable as they come.

  • Anonymous

    thank god Chris X said something………. do you guys seriously think that jen, as a 30+yr old woman put those boots on as a consiencious fashion move….or do you think those look like the kind of boots that sunshiney little violet would L O V E for her mommy to wear to the park. hello?!?!? i wear stuff that my kids want me to wear sometimes, even if it looks ridiculous. kids love it, and their smiles are all that matter to me 🙂

    i love that jen seems like such a normal and down to earth mom. she looks really happy when she is with her children, not bored and distracted like i see some others look.

    i don’t think violet could be any prettier of a little girl if she tried, she puts off the best energy, i LOVE IT.

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