Olympic Hockey Player Jenny Potter: “My Family Keeps Me Grounded”

Three-time Olympian and MVP of the Western Women’s Hockey League in 2008-09, Jenny Potter is one Olympic hopeful to watch! With the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games just around the corner, Celebrity Baby Scoop is getting into the spirit and featuring some of our best athletes – who are also proud parents.

Jenny and her husband Rob are parents to daughter Maddy, 8 1/2, and son Cullen, 2 1/2. The 30-year-old hockey player says her family keeps her grounded that she can’t wait to hit the ice at the Vancouver Winter Games.

CBS: Please tell us a bit about your background. How did you get started in your given sport?

JP: “I grew as a competitive swimmer, ran cross country and played football (5th-8th grade), when the boys got too big in football I decided I wanted to play hockey. My parents also took us to an outdoor rink almost everyday in the winter, it was about 4 blocks away, and played rink rat hockey.”

CBS: Do you have a personal mantra? If so, please share it with us and let us know what keeps you focused on your goal?

JP: “I don’t really have a mantra but I do believe in hard work. I think being the best you can be and trying to be one of the best players in the world keeps me focused and that my family is there is share it with me.”

CBS: How do you escape any negative self-talk? How do you stay positive and motivated throughout the year of hard training?

JP: “Mostly my family keeps me grounded. My husband coaches and trains hockey players so it always great having him around to boost me up or push me harder. Also my dad and mom are always there for me and always are positive.”

CBS: How do manage your time with your training schedule and your family life? Do your children understand your Olympic training? How do you explain your job and goals with them?

JP: “It is pretty hard to manage all the stuff I need to get done during the day, but I have a great husband and family support that it is more manageable. My youngest doesn’t fully get it yet, and my older daughter is starting to understand more but I don’t think they see the full picture.”

CBS: Tell us about your children. Will they come to Vancouver to watch you in the Winter Games? Are they excited about the Olympics?

JP: “I have a daughter who is 8, Maddy, and a son who is 2, Cullen. Maddy loves swimming and is a two-time state champ for 8-under. she also plays football and likes running. Cullen loves all sports, loves skating with his sister, mom, and dad. Maddy is excited because she remembers Italy and cant wait to miss school and go to the Olympics again. Yes they will be in Vancouver.”

CBS: Are you excited about the Olympics being in Vancouver? Have you ever been to Vancouver? Please also tell us where you’re from and where you train throughout the year.

JP: “I am really excited about Vancouver, it’s a beautiful city and a great place to have the Olympics. Our team had a test event there earlier this year and I have played there a few times before. I am from Edina, MN, I now live in Anoka, MN and I train here in Minnesota with my husband. We run our own training business, Potters Pure Hockey, where we train the best of the best.”

CBS: Do you want your children to be athletes as well?

JP: “Yes.”

CBS: What has your sport brought to your life?

JP: “Many things, especially me as a person. I’ve met many friends for life, matured as a person, gotten to travel the world, meet all kinds of people – famous, including the President of the United States, and I’m sure many other things.”

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