Suri Cruise Is A Movie Set Sweetie

Suri Cruise had a blast entertaining herself on the set of mom Katie Holmes‘ film set, The Romantics, in New York on Thursday (November 19). The adorable 3 1/2-year-old played limbo under a strip of caution tape. So cute!

The mother-daughter duo caused quite a stir recently when Suri was seen drinking from a bottle on the set of Katie’s new film.

The pair recently visited papa Tom Cruise in Boston on the set of his new film, Wichita.

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  • Janie

    OMG! These are the most adorable pictures of Suri. So nice to see her playing and having a great time. She is so pretty. Love her shoes.

  • alexa lillian

    suri is a pretty little girl.

  • Kediia

    she is soo pretty !! =)
    is it me or .. without her mom around, she looks .. happier ..
    well yeah of course her mom or dad was there but ..
    most of the times, when she is with her mom, she does nothing else
    than being held in a blanket or … whatever

    • Anonymous

      What kind of a foolish and insiting remark is that??? You need to have your head examined. You think that the pictures you see are their whole life? You obviously wouldn’t know happy if it hit you up side of that thick ignorant head. You, and people like you who try to kick the dirt up… in the middle of the beautiful grass are what is wrong in the world. I’m sure your friends avoid you like the plague… you’re caustic and vile.

  • LaKesha

    What!?! That is the most ridiculous comment–without her mother there she is happier? Hmm…that’s ridiculous.

  • Hi!! suri wearing a top and cardigan by australian brand SEED and Roger vivier shoes, check the complete info in my blog.
    I send a photo of the top, shoes and cardigan (not available online), but I need a mail where to send the photo.

  • Anonymous

    oh yeah….suri’s wearing a cardigan??? omg what will people complain about NOW???? all along we thought suri was being deprived of warm clothing by evil mother katie. now we realize she just doesn’t feel cold and removes her cardigan pretty much as soon as its on. such a cutie….

  • Anonymous

    Its funny….I don’t know if these shots are consecutive but its like Cardigan on…cardigan off…cardigan on…cardigan off! LOL….she is so much like my daughter its funny.

  • Anonymous

    Does your daughter also wear makeup and high heels too?

  • Anonymous

    i feel for suri. you never see her socializing with kids her own age. she’s either talking to herself, playing by herself on some movie set or shopping with her mom and a bodyguard. put her in a playgroup or daycare for a few days so she can socialize with kids her own age.

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