Tweet Tweet: Celeb Parents Take To Twitter

Catch up on the latest tweets from your favorite celebrity moms and dads!

michellebranch Owen in her Stella trench and sweater. Cute!

JimCarrey my Jane is a married women. days ago her and my new son in law alex got hitched. the day was simply perfect… lots of love there.. :)}

Well guess I’m anemic so I took my first iron pill. Hope it kicks in!!!! Red meat a complete turn off now. Bye big macs!!!!

JennyfromMTV Had a dream I couldn’t find Evan last night. Hate those mommy panic dreams!

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  1. Jenny

    What a cutie! Love the coat and boots! 😉

  2. Kediia

    wow she is sooo cute !!! =O

  3. Suzy

    OMG, I actually though ‘that’s mini Michelle Branch’ before reading the information!

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