Happy 1st Birthday Bronx Mowgli Wentz!

Name: Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Date of Birth: November 20, 2008

Parents: Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz

Siblings: None

– Bronx’s middle name was chosen becuase his parents bonded over Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book
– Pete wrote a lullaby for baby Bronx which is featured as a hidden track on the Fall Out Boy album, Folie à Deux

Quote from Parent:
“He cracks himself up all the time. Like, he’ll do something, and then he’ll start laughing. It’s cute. It’s very entertaining. He’s like, ‘I am so funny!’ And he probably gets that from me because I make jokes that are not funny, and I’m the only one laughing.” – Ashlee, on her little comedian.

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Photo credit: Flynet/PCN


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  1. Kati

    Happy belated birthday to Bronx Wentz! It´s hard to believe that this cute little boy is already 1 year old! His parents sure are very proud of him. He is a really cute little boy who´s gonna break many hearts in the future. He is a mix of both of his parents. He definitely has his dad´s eyes and facial features but there´s also a lot of Ashlee in him. Zuma Rossdale and Knox Jolie-Pitt better watch out because here comes Bronx Wentz! LOL!

  2. Anonymous

    Bronx’s birthday in only 3 days?!?! Can’t believe it!!! 😀 I looove that little guy, he’s sooo cute!!! His birthday is only 2 days before mine!! 😀 haha 😉

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