Heidi Klum: “Excited” To Hit The Catwalk 5 Weeks Postpartum!

We just saw Heidi Klum and the Victoria’s Secret angels taking over Times Square. Now the gorgeous mother-of-four was photographed braving the catwalk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Thursday night (November 19) in New York City.

“I am excited,” she told Us backstage shortly before strutting her stuff in a purple corset covered with a half gown with poufs of tulle. “I’m keeping it all together.”

Just five weeks ago, the 36-year-old German beauty welcomed her fourth child, daughter Lou, who is now in Los Angeles with the rest of her siblings – 5-year-old Leni, 4-year-old Henry, and Johan, 2 1/2. Papa Seal is currently in Australia performing. And how is the newest Samuel?

She’s great,” Heidi says of her newborn. “I pre-pumped a lot of milk, left it in the freezer.”

What has it been like shedding the baby weight after baby No. 4? “Every time it’s the same,” says Klum, who hopes to lose 20 more lbs. “You know, if you kind of gain 45 pounds, then it takes time to kind of go down again.”

Check out the pics below of Heidi arriving at the event and hitting the catwalk.

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  • Anonymous

    It sure doesn’t LOOK like it takes her a while to lose the baby weight! Amazing.

  • Shannon Hammer

    She looks great I admit… But kinda gross though… Not really sure why.

  • Anonymous

    Gross is the furthest adjective from my mind to describe her.

  • Sonya

    Did she really leave her 5-week old in L.A. to do a show in New York!? AND while Seal is in Australia! What is she strapped for cash? And if it was sooooo important foe her to be there, why isn’t Lou with her.

  • Alycia

    Sonya she has a contract and had to be there regardless…

  • wtf

    wow her left boob is shaped weird. . .

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