Christy Turlington & Gorgeous Grace

Christy Turlington was seen picking up her 6-year-old daughter Grace from school in New York City on Monday (November 22). The gorgeous mother-daughter duo stopped at a bench before heading home.

Christy and her husband Ed Burns are also parents to 3 1/2-year-old son, Finn.

The 40-year-old model mom and activist spent the past year traveling to Bangladesh and Guatemala working on a self-financed film on maternal health titled No Woman, No Cry, which she recently spoke about:

Maternal deaths mean there are very serious things going on under the radar about women’s status. There is aid for children, but without mothers, what are their chances of survival? International health-care reform is moving toward the American model, but it’s broken. The United States ranks forty-first in maternal health. I think one of the reasons we’re doing more Cesarean sections here is because that means more people in the delivery room, and the hospital can charge you for four days instead of two. It’s all for profit and not about taking care of people.”

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pretty mother and daughter.


Yes, I’m sure when my child was stuck and unable to breathe, the hospital was thinking it would be great to squeeze more days out of me by giving me a c-section. Good grief. I am so sick of Hollywood and their nonsense.


Way to twist her words. She’s clearly not talking about necessary medical induced c-sections, but the rising number of non medical ones.


She’s not referring to medical emergencies! How ridiculous. I have known several women who have had c-sections just because they can. Is there even a tiny chance your child will be over 8 lbs? C-section. Are you a few days overdue? C-section. Do you want to have your child on a certain day? C-section. Yes, these DO happen. They are the problem. Not the NECESSARY c-sections.

vivien leigh

Grace Burns and Matilda Ledger. If they dont meet I`ll cry.