Report: Seal To Adopt Heidi Klum’s Daughter Leni

According to INO, Heidi Klum’s husband Seal is hoping to adopt her 5 ½-year-old daughter Leni before Christmas. The 46-year-singer, who has three children with Heidi – Henry, 4, Johan, 3 and 6-week-old baby Lou – has already started on the legal proceedings to become Leni’s legal guardian.

Heidi’s father, Guenther, fully supports their decision: “Heidi, Seal and the kids have always been a happy family – in everyday life and in their heart. Then they should also be happy on paper.”

The couple has also been given the support of Leni’s biological father, 59-year-old Italian business man, Flavio Briatore. Flavio, whom Heidi has said has no part in Leni’s life, is currently expecting a child with his wife, 29-year-old Elisabetta Gregoraci.

Shortly after the birth of their first child, Seal, whose relationship with Heidi began when she was pregnant with Leni, spoke out about how he’s always thought of Leni as his own daughter:

Leni is my first child. Just like Henry I saw her take shape and move in Heidi’s body. And I was present at her birth, too. Leni is my daughter and Henry is my son. I am happy to have two healthy children and that Henry will soon be saying papa to me just like Leni does already.

What a beautiful family! We wish them all the very best.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Kylie

    I’m so happy about this! Leni is Seal’s daughter in every way, and making it legal is just amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Real man! Flavio whatever his name is take note!!!

  • Eve

    Makes total sense to me. I also like the way Seal handled this. He knew he would still have to go through Leni’s bio father to make the adoption happen and didn’t bash or badmouth him in the press. Smart guy. Good for them!

  • Peta

    Yay! I was wondering when this was going to happen. Good on you, Seal! Show your children what being a real man and a real father are all about.

  • Jess

    Anonymous, he did take note. He saw the family that Heidi and Seal had made and stepped back for Leni’s sake. That takes a real man in my book.

  • milla

    OMG this is awesome! i (L) Seal!… Heidi is a very lucky woman 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • ivy

    jess, i doubt that’s why he ‘stepped back’, he didn’t give a @!#% about leni even before heidi was with seal. we don’t need to make excuses for him, he’s a loser.

  • Lola

    Well said ivy! Whatever happened between him and heidi does not make it ok for him to turn his back on his daughter. Flavio stepped back because he doesn’t care about that child period. Love Seal!

  • Elizabeth

    What a stand-up guy Seal is, and what man in their right mind would leave Heidi Klum even if she was pregnant? Love this family and I always love it when Seal refers to Leni as his own. Beautiful.

  • Alice

    Ivy, “before Heidi was with Seal” there was no Leni! How can you know what happened between all of them and say Flavio is a loser?
    Even before she was born, Heidi and Seal had already created a family unit for Leni. We don’t know what would have happened otherwise, so don’t be too quick to judge.
    I give him the benefit of doubt and agree with Jess!

  • Anonymous

    I still disagree Jess. Flavio should have been a part of her life more. He Created her so in my opinion should be there for her. Not saying that seal can’t be there for her aswell. Any man can be a dad but it takes a real man to be a father!

  • Shirilicious

    Hm, my comment is gone.

  • Jenny

    @Shirilicious: I had a bad feeling I accidentally deleted your comment when going through our spam. Please feel free to comment again!

  • Shirilicious

    Don’t worry, Jenny. As for my comment I tend to agree with jess and Alice.

  • em

    i just cannot imagine not wanting to be involved in your own child’s life, no matter what the circumstances are…i don’t have proper words that wouldn’t be offensive. leni IS seal’s daughter, so it’s good that they have it now on paper too!

  • milla

    wow done defend that annoying flavio! :@

  • Essie

    About two years ago, there was a comment in a European publication from Flavio that he did not think Leni was his child. Then he said he would gladly have a DNA test to prove it because he did not want a child that might not be his to have access to his money. I read this when I was in Paris in 2007. When I got back home, I saw nothing at all about this and heard nothing about a DNA test.

    So, perhaps there is sound reason for Flavio to not have anything to do with Leni and perhaps Seal does not need his permission to adopt Leni. Perhaps Seal adopted Leni long ago. I don’t see why Flavio would object, especially since he is now having a baby with his young wife. Just saying!!

  • Gigohead

    Great move by Seal! He is Leni’s father and it’s just making it official. This Flavio guy is a total loser.

  • Kathryn Mya

    “Stepping back” just because there is another man in the child’s life isn’t something that a true father would do. If he was a good person and truly cared about Leni, Flavio would have found a way to have a relationship with her–if he was a “real man,” he would find the strength to deal with the situation and make the sacrifices that were necessary to forge a bond with his daughter. A real father doesn’t just give up when someone else enters the picture.

    She’s lucky, in my opinion, not to have his negative influence in her life. Good going, Seal! In my opinion, he’s the “real man” in that he’s allowed himself to make no distinction between Leni and his biological children. They’re such a gorgeous family.

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  • Anonymous

    Heidi is a gorgeous woman…her little girl will be a model I will bet…
    shame on the biological father…how he will regret never knowing this beautiful child! Seal is a better father any way!

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