The Stars Celebrate Thanksgiving

How do the stars celebrate Thanksgiving? Us reports that many of our favorite celeb parents are spending the holidays eating, cooking and spending time with their families. Read on!

Jessica Alba: “I am making the turkey this year. My mom just laid it on me! I will be making a 26 pounder. I’m just bringing the turkey. We do it potluck style.”

Russell Simmons: “I’m going to go to L.A., have dinner with my ex-wife [Kimora Lee Simmons] and children, and Djimon [Hounsou] and my girlfriend.

Matt Damon: “We’re getting out of town for a few days and going down to Florida.”

Heidi Klum: “I’m going to be home. I’m going to do the 18-pound turkey, going to do the little red cranberry sauce.”

Jenna Elfman: “I’m so going to guest it this year because frankly I don’t have the attention or energy to cook a turkey.”

Julie Bowen: “We are supposed to be going somewhere, but loading them all in the car … it’s like a wagon train of cars! We have a Prius and we can’t all fit!”

Jennifer Hudson: “Everybody’s going to come to Nashville this year with my sisters and I… We’ll check out all the pretty leaves and stuff!”

Kevin Federline’s ex Shar Jackson: “I’m about to cook my ass off. I’m going big. I’m not gonna eat everything, but I’m cooking like crazy. So, my family can indulge.”

Kelly Rutherford: “Just to be with the family and enjoy the time off. I might go to Florida. I have to see, but I’d like to see my grandmother… My mother has spoiled me rotten. She makes the best Thanksgiving in the world. I’ve been watching her, so the year that she says, ‘Okay, its your turn,’ hopefully I’ll know what I’m doing.”

Debi Mazar: “I’m spending it with Dennis Hopper. His grandaughter is my daughter’s best friend. Dennis’ daughter is one of my best friends and Dennis is an old friend of mine as well! He’s my on-screen husband.”

Amy Poehler: “We’re going back East for Thanksgiving, and we’re really looking forward to that. It’s been nice to be in New York around this time. It’s great to be here during the holiday season!”

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! How are you celebrating?

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Photo credit: GSI Media / Fame


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