Padma Lakshmi: “I’m Totally Blissed Out”

Pregnant Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (November 25) and talked about impending motherhood and the upcoming Chef finale.

Prior to her appearance on the show, the gorgeous 39-year-old mom-to-be posted the above picture on Twitter saying, “@jimmyfallon applying my makeup!! I think it’s his calling..”

Jimmy asked about the baby, who Padma called both he and she, and if she’s reading all the books. “I’ve read that my uterus is the size of a basketball,” Padma said.

She said her pregnancy is going very well and wishes she could bottle the positive energy. “I’m totally blissed out,” Padma gushed.

Padma, who is six months along, continues to remain mum on the identity of the father.

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Photo credit: Twitter

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  • Eve

    I’ve seen other pictures around the net and pregnancy is agreeing with Padma. She is glowing and she looks great.

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