Ben Affleck & His Cinderella Cutie

Daddy’s girl Violet Affleck visited the Santa Monica Playhouse with daddy, Ben Affleck, and Grandma Chris to see Cinderella on Sunday (November 29). Ben carried Violet in his arms, while she carried a multi-colored stuff animal and a glass slipper. Violet is about to celebrate her fourth birthday this Tuesday!

Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner and their youngest daughter, Seraphina, were not spotted with the trio.

Yesterday, Violet, Seraphina and Grandma Chris were seen playing at a local park.

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Photo credit: GSI Media / Flynet


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  1. Janie

    Violet is adorable. Look at that tiny glass slipper. Ben needs to smile sometimes!

  2. Anonymous

    Ben hates, hates, hates the paparazzi – Jen and he have spoken out vocally about the invasion on their children’s privacy. I think that’s why he doesn’t smile. And Violet doesn’t seem to enjoy them as much either when she’s with daddy as compared to with mommy.

  3. Goddess711

    Daddy looks stoned. Daddy needs a shave.

  4. Anonymous

    Ben does not look stoned.
    Ben looks like a daddy who is keeping a cautious eye on the paparazzi that are running around his mother, (who is walking in front of him). Ben has to shave twice a day. He does not look bad to me. He looks Handsome.


    I agree Ben HATES the paparazzi & Violet pick’s up on that when she’s with him. I can’t say I blame the guy though… ben’s looking good 🙂 I think he gets better looking with age.

  6. Janie

    Ben is handsome and he is NOT stoned.

    Get a life Goddess 711!

  7. Soaplover

    Violet is really cute.
    I think she has Ben’s mouth.
    That bear is really cute lol.
    I’m missing Seraphina.

  8. Anonymous

    Both Ben ad Jen have no love for the paparazzi but Jen tries to distract Violet (and Sera) from the invasion into their private time with the children by engaging them with other things. She is a woman (watch me get clobbered for saying this) and better able to handle stressful situation than most men.

    In any event, Violet and Sera are both lovely well adjusted children. I didn’t say perfect (because nobody is) considering the constant (everyday) paparazzi parade following them everywhere, their reaction to them seems quite remarkable to me.

    I agree Ben is not stoned and he is very handsome.

  9. Maru

    Violet is just too cute for words. And i agree, she almost never smiles to the paparazzi when she’s with Ben.

  10. Anonymous#1

    Well, i disagree, there was an adorable picture of her smiling with balloons leaving school with ben right before Thanksgiving….

  11. Anonymous

    Ben once said in an interview that he has to shave twice a day. I didn’t make that up. I’m a long time fan.
    Once when Ben was presenting at the Oscars. The Tabs Shows complained that Ben needed to shave. Ben’s response in a article was something like……( I got to the award show early to practice and didn’t think about having to shave again before the show. I have to shave twice a day.)

  12. vivien leigh

    Daddy lokks, looks not, oh come on, why are the people not trying to say something thats really important, who cares about his face, let us care about his soul this time: just look at these 4 eyes at pic no. 5! To me she also looks like a little Geena Davis and i think thats great, cause i mean she is a strong young lady already. Something a la Grier Henchy, who reminds a little… Christina Aguilera or Liz Taylor Blond? O.K., only suggestion. And of course at the face all Jen. But just at the face, i mean Violet is stronger. I dont believe in kids- letus be ohnest-everybody (every little body) is Somebody. From the beginning unique individuals. No kidding. Every single one of them. So I am careful. I mean what i am doing. Perioud.

  13. vivien leigh

    P.S. Kid is almost a dangerous word. It causes the feeling you have to do with something small, helpless, so, many people wonder when they suddenly meet….individual, charakter, power, strongness, will, Personality who learns quickly and better than you and knows sometimes in definitely a lot of questions more than you, who told him how to eat yesterday. Kid is an ill word to me. Look atthem, they know what they want and you must do it for them. Helpless? Mamma… I love the kids, they are the ohnest and best teachers in the world. We, their parents, lern every day cause we have no choice. God bless them all.

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