Judy Reyes: Babies Have Always Scared Me

Her daughter’s November 30 due date is finally here, but Scrubs star Judy Reyes confesses that she doesn’t feel entirely prepared for motherhood, telling Pregnancy magazine, “It frightens me, but I’m getting ready for it… Other than that, I don’t know s–t.”

The 42-year-old mom-to-be is the first to admit that she’s never been a natural around babies, but she says that’s changed somewhat as she’s been awaiting the arrival of her first child.

“I’ve never been a baby person; babies always scared the living s–t out of me. I’ve always been afraid to drop them or hurt them,” Judy says, before adding, “Now every little [baby] thing I see, I’m like, ‘Ooh, my God!’ I can’t stop. In other words, I drank the Kool-Aid.”

Though her baby girl hasn’t yet arrived, Judy says she’s already worried about the challenge of raising a child in Hollywood.

“So through all this L.A. beach, hippie, George Clooney, Angelina [Jolie] stuff, I wonder, ‘How do I balance this existence so that this child really understands?’” she asks. “I guess you try to live by example and you don’t end up on a reality show.”

When asked what values she hopes to instill in her baby girl, Judy answers readily: “I hope that she has perspective, a good sense of humor, patience, perseverance, and that she really just hangs in there to do what she’s passionate about,” she says. “And has a dazzling smile like her mom!”

Good luck to Judy on her big day!

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