Madonna’s Brood Arrives At LAX

Big sister Lourdes, 13, led the way as Madonna’s kids made their way through LAX airport this afternoon (November 30). The group, including younger siblings Rocco, 9, David, 4, and Mercy, 3, and a nanny, were held up when Lourdes was selected for screening at airport security.

Last month the Material Girl and her kids took a trip to Malawi, where they visited David’s former orphanage:

David is too young to understand,” said the center’s director, “but for us who remember the sickly tiny little baby of 2006, it was hard to hold back tears, including Madonna.”

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Photo credit: Hot Shots Worldwide


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  1. Anonymous

    Only the kids?
    Where are they going? Or where have they been?

  2. Madonna Fan

    Are they arriving to LA or leaving LA??
    Where is Madonna??

  3. Allegra

    Far out, Mercy is adorable!

  4. Anonymous

    Mercy looks so much taller for some reason.

    Looks like they are arriving at LAX to leave LA since the luggage is taken in to the building instead of out of it.

    Madonna must be around there somewhere judging by the amount of luggage that’s there with her tags. She must have sneaked in through another entrance.

  5. Anon1

    Sweet Jesus, Mercy has grown so! And isn’t she such a cutie pie.

  6. Anonymous

    mercy is just adorable! She has truly adapted into this family really quickly. And how cute is that Lourdes is holding her little sister´s hand! Those two have bonded really wonderfully in such a short time. Rocco has become a handsome young man. And also David is just adorable!

  7. Anonymous

    Lourdes is beautiful, what a heartbreaker she’s going to be……

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