Jessica Alba & Honor: Stylish At Starbucks

Jessica Alba and her daughter Honor, 17 months, stepped out for a Starbucks in Los Angeles on Tuesday (December 1). Honor looked super stylish in her scarf and headband. And not to mention those adorable shiny shoes!

According to UK’s Marie Claire – who once called Suri Cruise the most fashionable tot in Tinseltown – Honor dresses perfect for the season:

From statement headwear, to winter florals and slouchy jumpsuits – this fashionista-in-the-making has got her autumn/winter 09 dressing spot on!”

Who do you think is the best dressed celeb tot – Suri or Honor?

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  • Tomkatfan<3

    I think Suri is the Fashionista!
    She is so B-e-a-u-tiful!!!:) and she has beautiful and amazing parents!
    Love Tom & Katie!!!:)
    But I think Honor Marie is A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!!!!:)
    And super stylish!!:)

  • Kediia

    She is soo beautiful !! ♥

  • Lo

    Bless her little heart and her little scarf 😉

  • melanie1983

    Both of their styles reflects their mothers’. So clearly Honor’s is better ;] haha. Jessica and Honor always look cute, but comfortable as well! They don’t ALWAYS have to be in dresses and heels, they’re so cute!

  • Anonymous

    I’m uncomfortable with the question, I hate judging kids, period. I definitely think Honor’s is the wardrobe most of us reading this would have a chance to duplicate for our child.

  • Anon1

    I don’t like pitting kids against each other. They are just kids. But I do love Suri’s wadrobe. I mean she has a better collection than me.

  • yo

    I adore them both, but i don’t think that when you have only expensive clothes and shoes (like Suri does) is fashionable. I love seeing Jessica making miracles with every cloth : ]

  • Shirilicious

    I couldn’t agree more with yo. The only reason why people think Suri is a little fashionista is because her parents usually buy her the most expensive and, regarding the heels, ridiculous clothes available. That’s not good taste that’s just what money can buy. And I am not judging Suri here (agree with anon1, this feels like pitting the kids against each other), ultimately Suri has to wear what her parents buy her, she’s not the one with the credit card.
    I love that Jessica dresses Honor age appropriately and with a bit of spunk without looking ridiculous. The only thing I don’t understand are those bows, hair clips and whatnot that are CONSTANTLY on Honor’s head.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Honor’s wardrobe. Suri’s wardrobe is not practical for a three year old.

  • Janie

    Honor is adorable. Love this child.

  • Lola P

    Ok what’s going on here? I mean, is this like a game or something for Jessica Alba? We get it, yes Honor is freaking adorable and she’s beyond beautiful, but why do I feel like this is all like staged? The coffee runs every single day with Honor all decked out like this.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s staged, per se. No more than many celebrity photos. I just think that she likes to dress Honor up. Nothing necessarily wrong with that. Only time that sort of thing gets to me is when the mom treats the kid like a doll/accessory. I know a woman whose children are basically accessories to her. She likes to have them, dress them up, parade them around, but doesn’t actually like spending time with them. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Jessica.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like everything that either child wears…but a lot of it is nice. I love all of Suri’s Aussie seed and trelise cooper (nz ) and walnut (Oz) stuff…my kids wear it too…but hate the heels and the fact she rarely looks comfortable enough to drop everything and play at the park. Honor has more variation in her wardrobe: dressy, casual etc which I like. And I like the more muted colours they dress her in, but then Suri looks great in the red and green and pink she favours so thats fair. The funny thing is that Jessica always dresses Honor so they vaguely match…but Katie is always in pants and schlepy tops while Suri is dressed up like something to go on top of the Christmas tree. It makes her look like the nanny. Personally I think Katie should enjoy dressing HERSELF more and Suri less…but both are lovely looking children and all that. There is no comeptition, they are both gorgeous in their own way…

  • naartjie

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous the way she is dressed.
    Whatever happened to the simple dress or shorts and top…. It is NOT cute!
    A child such as Violet Affleck is so much sweeter because she is dressed like a NORMAL child.

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