Camila Alves & Levi: Flower Power

Camila Alves took her nearly 17-month-old son Levi on a special trip to downtown Los Angeles today (December 1) to load up on holiday flowers and foliage.

Camila is currently expecting her second child with partner Matthew McConaughey and is due late December/early January.

We can’t wait to meet Levi’s baby brother or sister!

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anna

    You can hardly tells she’s pregnant from the front! Levi is the cutest 🙂

    • Shirilicious

      There are compliments and then there’s pure exaggeration. Her shirt and the buttons in the belly area are taut. You can’t look much more pregnant as she does.

      • Shirilicious

        “stretched” not taut.

      • Anna

        It wasn’t a compliment nor an exaggeration, just an observation. I did not notice she was pregnant right away. I have seen people looking a lot more pregnant than this, if this how you think most very pregnant woman look you live in a dream world.

  • Tazina

    Levi is adorable.

  • Anonymous

    I like that flower. Levi is a very cute little boy. He seems to share his mother’s coloring and has his father’s features.

  • Janie

    they are both adorable!

  • Anonymous

    That’s how I looked when I was that far along, but I have to agree, most pregnant women DON’T look like this in their last month. Many would be lucky to look like this when they are in their 6-7 month. I was only so small because I was very petite to start and was forced to be a strict diet by my doctors, so I only gained 20 lbs total.

  • vivien leigh

    Levi is a little charm wonder if we are ohnest. A man from the beginning. God bless the kid.

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