Laila Ali & Family Touch Down In LA

Laila Ali and her husband, former NFL player Curtis Conway, were spotted arriving at LAX toting their 1-year-old son Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr. on Tuesday (December 1). Little Curtis looked so cute poking his head around while dad toted him in a baby backpack.

The 31-year-old daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali recently said how motherhood has changed her daily routine: “I’m not on top of things like I normally am. I’ve got a pile of paperwork, messages to return and laundry that needs to be done. But you just get to a point where you have to say, ‘This is going to have to wait. It’s just not that important.’ I could hire a full-time nanny and be able to take care of everything, but I’d rather be there for my son and let the laundry wait.”

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  1. melanie1983

    oh my gosh, that little faceee!!

  2. I arrived on the same flight … so cute!

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe this has already been asked or answered somewhere on the ‘net, but rather than spend time on google, I’ll just ask here. Is Laila’s husband’s middle name actually coincidentally Muhammad, like Laila’s father’s adopted name, or is “Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr.” not a textbook “Jr.”? Meaning, maybe his father is Curtis Something Conway, just not Muhammad.

  4. Anonymous

    Okay, fine, I googled “Curtis Conway,” and the dad’s middle name is listed as “Lamont” or “LaMont,” so now my question is, did he change his middle name to Muhammad, or again, is the little Curtis just not a “textbook” Junior, i.e., he has a different middle name than Curtis, Sr.

  5. Anonymous

    Clearly, her son is looking at his mom with loving eyes. Sweet.

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