Jenny McCarthy: Just Call Me Grandma!

Actress, activist, spokesperson, author and mom Jenny McCarthy will soon be going by a new title: Grandma!

The Belly Laughs star talks to Access Hollywood about her longtime boyfriend Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane’s pregnancy, saying, “[Jim] just said to me, ‘If I’m a grandpa, that makes you a grandma….’ I’m soon to be a grandma! So that’s interesting. 37 [years old], I get to be called ‘Grandma.’”

Jenny, who is mom to 7-year-old son Evan, says she’ll happily take on the new title: “I’m going to try to keep in shape and youthful, so ‘Grandma’ sounds pretty good.”

She also revealed how close she’s become to Jane, 21: “I’d consider her my daughter. I love her to pieces.”

Jane and her husband Alex Santana are expecting a baby boy in March.

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  1. Anonymous

    Jane already married Alex a few weeks ago, so he’s not her fiance, but her husband.

  2. melanie1983

    haha, omg that’s weird!

  3. Jen

    No, she’s Grandpa’s girlfriend. Not Grandma. I am so tired of these idiots giving themselves titles they don’t deserve.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow Jen, have some issues with your mother or something? There’s nothing wrong with a child being loved by many and maybe it was Jane’s idea to have Jenny be “Grandma”. Get over yourself.

  5. Gigohead

    I want to call me Grandma too. i remember seeing Jane as a chubby little girl with Jim and now she is this beautiful woman with a baby. The baby is coming real soon too!

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