Tom Cruise Smooches Suri In Spain

SWAK! Tom Cruise planted a smooch on his adorable 3 1/2-year-old daughter Suri in Sevilla, Spain on Sunday (December 6). Suri was seen sporting a pink Spanish flamenco dress with a new pair of red polka dot high heels.

Mama Katie Holmes and Suri are visiting the 47-year-old Top Gun star as he begins filming his latest movie, Knight And Day.

Katie recently spoke out about Suri’s footwear, saying that all girls love their heels.

She, like every little girl – she loves my high heels.”

What do you think of Suri’s outfit?

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  1. Francesca

    Wow! Katie looks really depressed 🙁 and Tom is probably having to carry Suri because those heels are killing her poor feet…cute, but as a mom, disturbing.

  2. Anonymous

    Not the heels again!!! So wrong!!

  3. Ok?

    What do I think of Suri’s outfit? Hmm, well Katie has lost her mind, that’s what. She is 3, not 20. Suri loves to dress up, WE GET IT, but there are so many cute appropriate girly outfits out there. other than this nonsense of what you call an outfit.

  4. Anonymous

    Are you serious?These idiot of parents shouldn’t even wonder why they give the tabloids something to talk about every week.

  5. Tazina

    I hope she’s not wearing those heels on a regular basis. Once in a while is not so bad. Why don’t they have another baby and give Suri a sibling? I think that would make her really happy.

  6. Allison

    I thought Suri’s shoes were cut, very ‘Minnie Mousy’…Until I saw the heels…Poor kid…Not good for her small feet…
    Katie looks tired, but good looking, although.

  7. Janie

    Katie looks miserable! Those high heeled shoes looks absolutely ridiculous on Suri! These parents are pathetic!

  8. Kediia

    I thought it was flats shoes !!
    I thought it was cute until i saw .. the hells ..
    what the .. is wrong with the dress … ?!?!?!
    Tom Cruise is weird …. very weird ..

  9. Chris X

    Why that is exactly the outfit I would put on a little girl to go out and run around and play. Not like those ratty Pitt and Affleck children who are always running around like little kids.

  10. Janie

    What is up with Katie’s outfit? She looks terrible! This woman does not have a clue about fashion.

  11. Peta

    Were they just leaving a dance class for Suri or something? I know some children like to dress up in costume for trips outside, but this outfit doesn’t look very play-friendly. Never mind the heels – she won’t be doing a lot of running around in such a long dress…unless that’s the goal. Force the kid to stay close as the effort to run in that thing will surely tire her out. :3 Sounds better than a kiddie leash.

  12. Anonymous

    ummm…why not just bind her feet like the chinese did centuries ago and be done with it?

  13. Peta

    Another thing: I wonder if this was how Isabella was raised? I don’t recall seeing photos of her and Connor at this age, so I can’t tell. If any of you have, please let me know if little Isabella also dressed like this for outings. I’d hate to think that Suri’s getting special treatment because she’s the first biological child.

  14. Anonymous

    Omg!! Lmao. And I am laughing at the outfit..not the little girl!! Lmao. Katie and Tom didn’t!!!!

  15. em

    Earings. Heels. Skirts. Next thing will be Suri walking around on to hand with a boy LOL!!

  16. SarahEG

    I love this dress!!! Yes, it is a bit long. But, she looks very cute in it. Can someone please tell me where to find the shoes.

    Ohh my I must be the “worst parent” in the whole world for thinking there is nothing wrong with the shoes and dress. She is a little girl, let her have fun!

  17. Anna

    This is a Spanish flamengo dance outfit. If you go to Spain they are selling these everywhere for children. It’s just a fun outfit.

  18. Amanda-CD ffan

    Ok at first I was going to pass on commenting because this family just makes me want to vomit with how ridiculous they are but this I have to say something. I get that little girls like to dress up, they like to be girly and wear play heels, one those aren’t play heels those are professional dance shoes, and two do you ever see another child celeb or not dressed like THAT when they go out? I think not, there’s a time and a place for outfits like that and a family outing ISN’T one of them. Katie and Tom need to start making Suri leave the play clothes at home and wear NORMAL outfits.

  19. Anonymous

    It’s a flamenco dress and flamenco-style children’s dance shoes, that’s why the heel is thicker than the previous heels she’s had. I’m not sure if walking around in shoes designed for dance is a good idea… The dress is fine to be worn whenever even if it’s a “dance outfit.” She seems to have big feet for her age because those shoes look like what a 5-6 year old would wear.

  20. GreenEyesFreckles87

    Suri looks adorable, as always. She’s such a little cutie! I love her dress and shoes!

  21. Katrina

    lol.. the commenters crack me up. Everyone has their own idea what indulgence is appropriate.

    I think she looks cute, and is obviously enjoying the local fun stuff. You guys would read a novel out of a single shot. Seriously.

  22. Anonymous

    They always make sure that they are dressed in each country’s national colors or dress, e.g., Brazil, Japan, etc., in order to make a political/publicity statement. One more proof that they are indeed using this child. The high heels, costumes, makeup and plastic surgery on this child are outrageous. Anyhow, I wish them well.

  23. Anon1

    Those a flamenco dance shoes for kids. Sheesh, do you think any adult has that size of foot?

  24. Anonymous

    From a fashion perspective Suri just cannot carry that style of dress off…she is a scrappy (thin) child and it just looks like she is wearing a very pink curtain.

  25. Anonymous

    I have no daughters so I’m the last person to know. But last summer I saw a little girl with heels on at the ball park. I thought they looked so cute and funny. It was to me one of those moments like when one of my boys just wouldn’ wear anything but cowboy boots. Don’t they have heels as well?

  26. vivien leigh

    Beauty is not everything. If you dont make from her or him a personality-its just not everything to be beautiful. Am I wrong? I mean Elvis was somebody cause he worked a lot to be a good singer and he loved God cause he loved his mom. I mean if you dont show the kid a diczipline- the charm is vanished, puff! The charm is the will, you can not let the magic happen if you let the kid everything! You must learn it to know any rules, to be afraid and to respect. To respect you at first and then everything else. And the beauty will shine, thats for sure!

  27. Anonymous

    other celeb parents dress their kids appropriately when at the park so they can play and run around. violet, the jolie-pitt children, zuma&kingston, heidi&seal’s kids. but when tom and katie bring suri out to the park they dress her so she’s always camera ready. she’s a child not an accessory. a trip to the park should not be a photo-op.

  28. Anonymous

    OMG! That dress is beautiful but Suri is most definitely wearing it at the wrong place. She should wear something practical for a park visit – not a flamingo dress. She is a beautiful little girl but her parents don´t seem to realize that for this kind of outing a T-shirt and jeans would be much more practical outfit. I much rather watch pics of the Affleck girls and the Jolie-Pitt chidlren because they always wear practical clothes for each occasion. If they go to the grocery store for instance the JP kids wear jeans, T-shirts etc. that are much more practical for that kind of outing.

  29. Lioness

    Oh lighten up, people, it’s a kid’s Flamenco dress that’s a little too big for Suri- how many Superman/Batman outfits have we seen on Henry Klum-Samuel or Cruz Beckham that were too big? Everyone thinks that’s cute, but then crucifies Tom and Katie for this number. I’m no fan of these TomKat, there’s something that seems VERY disingenuous about them- but I know a dress-up costume when I see one, and Suri’s just a little girl after all, who seems to love to play dress-up. And that’s OKAY- if this all Tom and Katie have to worry about, I’d say they’re doing alright. As for the shoes- I don’t know if they are bad for her feet or not. Time will tell, and in the end, it’s a decision Tom and Katie will have to deal with, not me.

    (CBS- shame on you for egging these people on, LOL!!!)

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